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Human Total IL-18 / IL-1F4 ELISA Standard Curve
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Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA Summary

Assay Type
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
96-well strip plate
Assay Range
11.7 - 750 pg/mL
Sufficient Materials
For five 96-well plates*
Please see the product datasheet

* Provided that the recommended microplates, buffers, diluents, substrates and solutions are used, and the assay is run as summarized in the Assay Procedure provided.

This DuoSet ELISA Development kit contains the basic components required for the development of sandwich ELISAs to measure natural and recombinant human Total Interleukin 18 (Total IL-18). The suggested diluent is suitable for the analysis of most cell culture supernate, serum, and plasma samples. Diluents for complex matrices, such as serum and plasma, should be evaluated prior to use in this DuoSet.

Product Features

  • Optimized capture and detection antibody pairings with recommended concentrations save lengthy development time
  • Development protocols are provided to guide further assay optimization
  • Assay can be customized to your specific needs
  • Economical alternative to complete kits

Kit Content

  • Capture Antibody
  • Detection Antibody
  • Recombinant Standard
  • Streptavidin conjugated to horseradish-peroxidase (Streptavidin-HRP)

Other Reagents Required

DuoSet Ancillary Reagent Kit 2 (5 plates): (Catalog # DY008) containing 96 well microplates, plate sealers, substrate solution, stop solution, plate coating buffer (PBS), wash buffer, and Reagent Diluent Concentrate 2.

The components listed above may be purchased separately:

PBS: (Catalog # DY006), or 137 mM NaCl, 2.7 mM KCl, 8.1 mM Na2HPO4, 1.5 mM KH2PO4, pH 7.2 - 7.4, 0.2 µm filtered

Wash Buffer: (Catalog # WA126), or 0.05% Tween® 20 in PBS, pH 7.2-7.4

Reagent Diluent: (Catalog # DY995), or 1% BSA in PBS, pH 7.2-7.4, 0.2 µm filtered

Substrate Solution: 1:1 mixture of Color Reagent A (H2O2) and Color Reagent B (Tetramethylbenzidine) (Catalog # DY999)

Stop Solution: 2 N H2SO4 (Catalog # DY994)

Microplates: R&D Systems (Catalog # DY990)

Plate Sealers: ELISA Plate Sealers (Catalog # DY992)

Data Example

Human Total IL-18 / IL-1F4 ELISA Standard Curve

Product Datasheets

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Preparation and Storage

The product is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
Stability & Storage
Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.

Background: IL-18/IL-1F4

Interleukin 18 (IL-18), also known as interferon-gamma-inducing factor (IGIF) and IL-1γ, is a cytokine which shares biologic activities with IL-12 and structural similarities with the IL-1 family of proteins. IL-18 was originally cloned from liver cells and has since been shown to be expressed by monocyte/macrophages, osteoblasts and keratinocytes. Caspase-1 (IL-1 beta-converting enzyme) has been implicated in the physiological processing of pro-IL-18 to IL-18. Similarly to IL-12, human IL-18 has been shown to enhance NK cell activity in PBMC cultures. Human IL-18 has also been found to induce the production IFN-γ and GM-CSF while inhibiting the production of IL-10 by PBMC. On enriched human T cells, human IL-18 can enhance Th1 cytokine production and stimulate cell proliferation via an IL-2-dependent pathway. In the mouse system, IL-18 has been shown to be a costimulatory factor for the activation of Th1, but not Th2, cells. IL-18 was found to selectively enhance the FasL-mediated cytotoxicity of Th1, but not Th0 or Th2, cells. IL-18 has also been shown to induce activated B cells to produce IFN-γ that inhibits IgE production.

Long Name:
Interleukin 18
Entrez Gene IDs:
3606 (Human); 16173 (Mouse); 29197 (Rat); 397057 (Porcine); 574151 (Primate)
Alternate Names:
Iboctadekin; IFN-gamma-inducing factor; IGIF; IGIFIL-1 gamma; IL18; IL-18; IL-18MGC12320; IL-1F4; IL1F4iboctadekin; IL-1g; Interferon gamma-inducing factor; interleukin 18 (interferon-gamma-inducing factor); Interleukin-1 gamma; interleukin-18

Assay Procedure


Plate Preparation

  1. Dilute the Capture Antibody to the working concentration in PBS without carrier protein. Immediately coat a 96-well microplate with 100 μL per well of the diluted Capture Antibody. Seal the plate and incubate overnight at room temperature.
  2. Aspirate each well and wash with Wash Buffer, repeating the process two times for a total of three washes. Wash by filling each well with Wash Buffer (400 μL) using a squirt bottle, manifold dispenser, or autowasher. Complete removal of liquid at each step is essential for good performance. After the last wash, remove any remaining Wash Buffer by aspirating or by inverting the plate and blotting it against clean paper towels.
  3. Block plates by adding 300 μL Reagent Diluent to each well. Incubate at room temperature for a minimum of 1 hour.
  4. Repeat the aspiration/wash as in step 2. The plates are now ready for sample addition.

Assay Procedure

  1. Add 100 μL of sample or standards in Reagent Diluent, or an appropriate diluent, per well. Cover with an adhesive strip and incubate 2 hours at room temperature.
  2. Repeat the aspiration/wash as in step 2 of Plate Preparation.
  3. Add 100 μL of the Detection Antibody, diluted in Reagent Diluent, to each well. Cover with a new adhesive strip and incubate 2 hours at room temperature.
  4. Repeat the aspiration/wash as in step 2 of Plate Preparation.
  5. Add 100 μL of the working dilution of Streptavidin-HRP to each well. Cover the plate and incubate for 20 minutes at room temperature. Avoid placing the plate in direct light.
  6. Repeat the aspiration/wash as in step 2.
  7. Add 100 μL of Substrate Solution to each well. Incubate for 20 minutes at room temperature. Avoid placing the plate in direct light.
  8. Add 50 μL of Stop Solution to each well. Gently tap the plate to ensure thorough mixing.
  9. Determine the optical density of each well immediately, using a microplate reader set to 450 nm. If wavelength correction is available, set to 540 nm or 570 nm. If wavelength correction is not available, subtract readings at 540 nm or 570 nm from the readings at 450 nm. This subtraction will correct for optical imperfections in the plate. Readings made directly at 450 nm without correction may be higher and less accurate.

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Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Anonymous on 10/05/2020
Sample Tested: Serum

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Robert Berahovich on 09/29/2020
Sample Tested: Tissue Culture Media

Detection of IL-18 produced by human CAR-T cells engineered to express IL-18 (PMC659), compared to normal CAR-T cells (PMC650).

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Eric Wang on 06/11/2020
Sample Tested: Cell culture supernatant,THP-1 cells

The PMA-differentiated THP-1 cells were treated with or without LPS/ATP for 4 h. The production of IL-18 was tested from culture supernatants of treated THP-1 cells.

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Anonymous on 11/13/2019
Sample Tested: Cell culture supernatant,THP-1 human acute monocytic leukemia cell line

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Christian Cassel on 10/02/2018
Sample Tested: Serum and Plasma

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Anonymous on 02/06/2018
Sample Tested: Bone marrow-derived dendritic cells

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By BOCHATON Thomas on 11/21/2017
Sample Tested: Serum

We used human serum at a dilution of 1:10. The result was very good.

Human Total IL-18 DuoSet ELISA
By Anonymous on 05/17/2017
Sample Tested: Human serum