Neural Stem Cell Products

StemXVivo Neural Progenitor Differentiation Kit

Our reagents for neural stem cell research are organized below by workflow: Isolate and Culture, Verification, Differentiation, and Investigation. Click on the navigation arrows to quickly jump to the different steps of the workflow.

Serum-free Neural Media Supplements

Provides optimal growth conditions for neurons and neural stem cell cultures.

Coating Substrates for Neural Stem Cells

Enhances neural cell growth by supporting cell attachment to culture dishes and coverslips.

Primary Mouse & Rat Cortical Stem Cells

Highly pure cortical stem cells that can be expanded and differentiated into neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.

Growth Factors

Premium quality proteins to support neural stem cell proliferation.

Small Molecules for NSC Proliferation

View a listing of Tocris brand pharmacological reagents that modulate neural stem cell proliferation.

CryoDefend-Stem Cells Media

Defined, protein-free cryopreservation media for stem cells.

Neural Lineage Functional Identification Kit

Verifies neural stem cell multipotency in human, mouse, or rat neural progenitor cells by functional differentiation.

Neural 3-Color Immunocytochemistry Kit

Analyzes neural stem cell differentiation in human, mouse, or rat.

Antibody Panel for Neural Progenitor Cells

Validate neural stem cell multipotency using a cost-effective panel of neural stem cell-marker antibodies.

Neural Stem Cell and Neural Marker Antibodies

Confirm the differentiation status of neural stem cells with cell lineage- and stage-specific markers.

Dopaminergic Neuron Differentiation Kit

Drives ES/iPS cells into dopaminergic neurons using serum-free induction cocktails.

Oligodendrocyte Differentiation Kit

Generates functional oligodendrocyte from mouse pluripotent stem cells.

Growth Factors

Premium quality proteins that promote neural stem cell differentiation.

Small Molecules for NSC Differentiation

View a listing of Tocris brand pharmacological reagents that modulate neural stem cell differentiation.

Small Molecules for Investigating NSCs

View a listing of Tocris brand pharmacological reagents for investigating neural stem cells.

Imaging Dyes

Visualize neuronal activity with fluorescent compounds offered by Tocris Bioscience.

Caged Compounds

Get special and temporal control over neuronal function with caged compounds from Tocris Bioscience.


High quality and rigorously analyzed toxins to investigate neural stem cells.

What are Neural Stem Cells?

Neural stem cells are multipotent precursors defined by their capacity for self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into the major cell types of the central nervous system, including neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes. R&D Systems offers products to support neural stem cell expansion as well as specialized kits to verify neural stem cell multipotency. In addition, our premium quality growth factors and expansive collection of antibodies aid in directing the reproducible differentiation of neural stem cells and analyzing the signaling mechanisms that influence neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation.