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  1. Self-assembly of pericentriolar material in interphase cells lacking centrioles
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  2. A mitotic chromatin phase transition prevents perforation by microtubules
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  3. Epigenetic, genetic and maternal effects enable stable centromere inheritance
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  4. Biallelic BUB1 mutations cause microcephaly, developmental delay, and variable effects on cohesion and chromosome segregation
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  5. A prometaphase mechanism of securin destruction is essential for meiotic progression in mouse oocytes
    Authors: C Thomas, B Wetherall, MD Levasseur, RJ Harris, ST Kerridge, JMG Higgins, OR Davies, S Madgwick
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  6. The APC/C targets the Cep152-Cep63 complex at the centrosome to regulate mitotic spindle assembly
    Authors: T Tischer, J Yang, D Barford
    Journal of Cell Science, 2021;0(0):.  2021
  7. The Negative Cross-Talk between SAG/RBX2/ROC2 and APC/C E3 Ligases in Regulation of Cell Cycle Progression and Drug Resistance
    Authors: S Zhang, Y Shen, H Li, C Bi, Y Sun, X Xiong, W Wei, Y Sun
    Cell Rep, 2020;32(10):108102.  2020
  8. CRISPR-mediated gene targeting of CK1&delta/&epsilon leads to enhanced understanding of their role in endocytosis via phosphoregulation of GAPVD1
    Authors: RX Guillen, JR Beckley, JS Chen, KL Gould
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  9. ProTAME Arrest in Mammalian Oocytes and Embryos Does Not Require Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Activity
    Authors: L Radonova, T Svobodova, M Skultety, O Mrkva, L Libichova, P Stein, M Anger
    Int J Mol Sci, 2019;20(18):.  2019
  10. Blocking Mitotic Exit of Ovarian Cancer Cells by Pharmaceutical Inhibition of the Anaphase-Promoting Complex Reduces Chromosomal Instability
    Authors: M Raab, M Sanhaji, S Zhou, F Rödel, A El-Balat, S Becker, K Strebhardt
    Neoplasia, 2019;21(4):363-375.  2019
  11. The HDAC-Associated Sin3B Protein Represses DREAM Complex Targets and Cooperates with APC/C to Promote Quiescence
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  12. EMI1 switches from being a substrate to an inhibitor of APC/CCDH1 to start the cell cycle
    Authors: SD Cappell, KG Mark, D Garbett, LR Pack, M Rape, T Meyer
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  13. ATP depletion during mitotic arrest induces mitotic slippage and APC/CCdh1-dependent cyclin B1 degradation
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  14. Reciprocal Regulation between 53BP1 and the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome Is Required for Genomic Stability during Mitotic Stress
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  15. APC/C and SCF(cyclin F) Constitute a Reciprocal Feedback Circuit Controlling S-Phase Entry
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  16. AMPK and PFKFB3 mediate glycolysis and survival in response to mitophagy during mitotic arrest.
    Authors: Domenech E, Maestre C, Esteban-Martinez L, Partida D, Pascual R, Fernandez-Miranda G, Seco E, Campos-Olivas R, Perez M, Megias D, Allen K, Lopez M, Saha A, Velasco G, Rial E, Mendez R, Boya P, Salazar-Roa M, Malumbres M
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  17. Nek2A destruction marks APC/C activation at the prophase-to-prometaphase transition by spindle-checkpoint-restricted Cdc20.
    Authors: Boekhout M, Wolthuis R
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  18. APC/C is an essential regulator of centrosome clustering.
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  19. Microtubule-dependent regulation of mitotic protein degradation.
    Authors: Song L, Craney A, Rape M
    Mol Cell, 2014;53(2):179-92.  2014


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