Proteome Purify™ Immunodepletion Kits

The wide dynamic range of protein concentrations present in serum and plasma represents a major challenge for the analysis of the proteome. The range of plasma protein concentrations, from low abundance proteins such as cytokines (pg/mL) to albumin (30-45 mg/mL), represents at least 10 orders of magnitude. Analysis of low abundance proteins by even the most sensitive of methods for proteomics greatly benefits from the removal of high abundance proteins that may interfere with their detection.

Proteome Purify™ 2 Serum Protein Immunodepletion Resins

Single-use resins to deplete serum or plasma of albumin and IgG. The two proteins removed by this kit represent approximately 60% of the protein contained in serum and plasma.


  • Depletes serum of albumin and IgG
  • Improves visualization of target proteins
  • Allows user to increase protein load or concentration
  • Available for mouse (Catalog # MIDR002) and human (Catalog # IDR002)

Kit Contents

  • Immunodepletion Resin
  • Spin-X Filter Units

Proteome Purify™ 12 Human Serum Protein Immunodepletion Resin

The Proteome Purify 12 Human Serum Protein Immunodepletion Resin is designed as a single-use alternative to existing column or spin cartridge systems. The single-use resin allows researchers to economically deplete 20 or 40 serum or plasma samples of the 12 high abundance proteins that make up approximately 95% of all proteins found in human serum or plasma. This resin will process a total of 200 microliters of serum or 400 microliters of plasma.

The Proteome Purify 12 Human Serum Protein Immunodepletion Resin (Catalog # IDR012) is designed to effectively deplete serum or plasma samples of the following 12 high abundance proteins:

  • alpha 1-Acid Glycoprotein
  • alpha 1-Antitrypsin
  • alpha 2-Macroglobulin
  • Albumin
  • Apolipoprotein A-I
  • Apolipoprotein A-II
  • Fibrinogen
  • Haptoglobin
  • IgA
  • IgG
  • IgM
  • Transferrin