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R&D Systems supports vascular smooth muscle research with a full line of recombinant proteins and antibodies as well as Tocris Bioscience peptides and small molecules. Our immunoassay selection includes Quantikine® and DuoSet® ELISA kits, ELISpot kits, Luminex® assays, and Proteome Profiler antibody arrays. We also provide stem cell and cell culture products to support your research. Learn More.

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The vascular smooth muscle layer (tunica media) that surrounds arteries and arterioles provides physical support for these vessels. It also regulates blood pressure by contraction/relaxation induced by endocrine hormones and symathetic innervation. Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) express a range of cytokine, growth factor, hormone, bioactive lipid, and neurotransmitter receptors. VSMC activation induces the upregulated secretion of inflammatory mediators and proteases. In some diseases, such as atherosclerosis, VSMC proliferate abnormally and acquire a partial osteoblastic phenotype, leading to tissue mineralization and a loss of arterial elasticity.