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Subtype-specific Stem Cell and Differentiation Markers

Detecting the expression of cell type-specific markers is a critical tool for defining starting stem cell populations and confirming differentiation status. Using techniques such as immunocytochemistry (ICC) and flow cytometry, these important methodological steps can reduce experimental variability, improve data consistency, and provide valuable insight that may prevent weeks of wasted effort and reagents. To address this need, R&D Systems manufactures high performance antibodies to facilitate thorough characterization of stem cell potency and differentiation status. We offer malignancy-specific cancer stem cell markers and antibodies to detect molecules that are used to characterize adult/somatic stem cells. In addition, we offer antibodies to define embryonic, induced pluripotent, mesenchymal, neural, and hematopoietic stem cells as well as tools to distinguish their lineage-specific progeny.