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VAP-1 is a type II transmembrane glycoprotein. It is expressed on endothelium, vascular smooth muscle, and adipocytes. The extracellular domain mediates lymphocyte rolling, adhesion, possibly extravasation during inflammation, and also possesses monoamine oxidase activity.

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Human VAP-1/AOC3 Antibody 

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Simple Western, WB

Recombinant Human VAP-1 Protein, CF 

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Enzyme Activity

Human VAP-1/AOC3 Antibody 

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CyTOF-ready, Flow

Human VAP-1/AOC3 DuoSet ELISA 

Quantikine Immunoassay Control Set 754 for Human VAP-1 

For use with catalog number DVAP10
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Proteome Profiler Human sReceptor Array, Non-hematopoietic 

Contains 4 membranes - 2 spotted in duplicate with 62 different non-hematopoietic antibodies and 2 spotted in duplicate with 57 common antibodies
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