Interactive Cell Marker Tool: CD Markers and Beyond

Tuesday, May 07, 2019 - 13:59
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Researchers and clinicians have long relied on the expression of cell surface markers to identify cell populations. In fact, this has led to an ever-growing list of CD (Cluster of Differentiation) markers characterized to identify immune cells, primarily. However, the horizons of cellular identification have expanded beyond immunology into neuroscience and stem cell research leading to publications identifying additional cell populations with more refined lists of cell surface, intracellular and secreted molecules. In addition, organelle-associated markers are co-stained with subcellular molecules to define the subcellular localization of the molecule of interest.

We have introduced a new interactive cell marker tool to help you spend more time on your research and less time digging through literature or bookmarking multiple websites to find appropriate cell or organelle markers. Its as simple as choosing the appropriate category, such as immune cells, neural cells, stem cells or organelles, clicking on the image of the cell of interest and browsing our selection of highly sensitive and specific antibodies and immunoassays that can be used for detecting your marker of interest.

Regulatory T Cell Markers

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More Resources for Identifying Cell Populations

Various techniques are used to identify cell populations. These can range from flow cytometry and mass cytometry (CyTOF) or immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry for cell surface and intracellular markers to ELISA or Luminex assays for secreted factors. No matter the technique, our scientists have developed a range of antibodies and immunoassays to help advance your research.

Whether you are just starting your research career or have years of experience, our scientists have put together helpful guides to help navigate these techniques and share some helpful tips and tricks. Please take a look at some of our resources below:

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Flow Cytometry Protocols

Basic or Advanced Flow Cytometry Training Videos

Flow Cytometry eHandbook

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