Clear Polystyrene Microplates

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25 Pack; High Binding; Flat Bottom; 360 uL Well Volume; 12x8 Well Strips with Frame
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Clear Polystyrene Microplates
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Clear Polystyrene Microplates Summary


Clear Microplates (Part # 991427) - A 25 pack of clear high-binding, flat-bottom polystyrene microplates (360 µL/well). Each microplate consists of twelve removable strips of 8 wells and a frame (Costar, Catalog # 2592).


Clear Microplates (Part #608616) - A 25 pack of flat-bottom 384-well polystyrene microplates. 


Shipping Conditions
The product is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
Store the unopened product at room temperature. Do not use past expiration date.

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  1. How does the capture antibody bind to the ELISA plate?

    • The mechanism of immobilization is passive adsorption through hydrophobic and ionic interactions.

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Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 10/14/2022

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 09/22/2022

Best plates we have ever used. My tech is in love with them!

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Rob Knight on 05/23/2022

Plates work consistently well across all ELISAs we have tried. Would recommend

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Rob Knight on 12/09/2021

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 10/23/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 08/17/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 07/13/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 06/08/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 06/06/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 02/11/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 01/13/2020

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Gigi Ng on 07/02/2019

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Marry Tahani on 04/16/2019

Easy to use! well designed.

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 03/28/2019

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Neda Ghousifam on 12/10/2018

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 04/23/2018

Used the plates to measure IL-4 and TNFa human T cell production via ELISA. Clear plates were coated with mouse anti-human IL-4/TNFa overnight and then used to quantify cytokine secretion in human primary T cell culture supernatants.

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Leslie Priddy on 04/03/2018

Clear Polystyrene Microplates
By Anonymous on 12/21/2017

Clear Polystyrene Microplates, 25 Pack
By Jomkuan Theprungsirikul on 10/20/2017

Clear Polystyrene Microplates, 25 Pack
By Anonymous on 07/19/2017

Used these plate for Duo set elisa

Clear Polystyrene Microplates, 25 Pack
By Anonymous on 07/06/2017

Clear Polystyrene Microplates, 25 Pack
By Anonymous on 01/08/2016