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ELISA Plate Sealers 

100 per Pack

MycoProbe Mycoplasma Detection Kit 

Mycoplasmas Detected: M. hyorhinis, M. arginini, M. fermentans, M. orale, M. pirum, M. hominis, M. salivarium, Acholeplasma laidlawii

Clear Polystyrene Microplates 

25 Pack; High Binding; Flat Bottom; 360 uL Well Volume; 12x8 Well Strips with Frame

Corning Costar Spin-X Centrifuge Tube Filters 

Cellulose acetate membrane, pore size 0.22 micron, sterile

Cell Activation Cocktail 500X 

Cell activation cocktail

Biotinyl Tyramide 

Reagent widely used for signal amplification in IHC and ISH

Black Polystyrene Microplates, 25 Pack 

High Binding; Flat Bottom; 360 uL Well Volume; 12-1x8 Well Strips with Frame

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I 

Protease inhibitor cocktail for mammalian cells

Blasticidin S HCl 

Antibiotic; selection reagent for bis, bsr and BSD transformed cells

Deferoxamine mesylate 

Iron chelator; also hypoxia mimetic

VisULite ECL Western Blotting Substrate 

One Component High Sensitivity Peroxidase Substrate


Photocrosslinker for hydrogels

Ampicillin sodium salt 

Antibiotic; selection reagent

PBS, 100 Tablets 

PBS Tablets


Stable form of L-glutamine; commonly used in cell culture

NADPH reduced form tetrasodium salt 

Cofactor for many anabolic enzymes

5-Fluoroorotic acid 

Selection reagent for OMP decarboxylase mutants


Naturally occurring monosaccharide

Kanamycin sulfate 

Broad spectrum antibiotic

Carbenicillin disodium salt 

Antibiotic; selection reagent for AMPR transformed cells


Used in cloning procedures with IPTG

5-Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride 

Substrate for detection of δ-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase


Gibberellin-analog (GA3) chemical dimerizer; cell permeable

Vancomycin HCl 



Widely used buffering agent


Used in cloning procedures with X-GAL

ARN 14686 

Potent N-acylethanolamine acid amidase inhibitor; NAAA activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) probe


Buffer widely used in Western blotting


Zwitterionic buffer


General purpose buffer
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