Human IL-7 Quantikine HS ELISA Kit

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Human IL-7 High Sensitivity ELISA Cell Culture Supernate Standard Curve
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Human IL-7 Quantikine HS ELISA Kit Summary

Assay Type
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
96-well strip plate
Assay Length
18-24 hours
Sample Type & Volume Required Per Well
Cell Culture Supernates (200 uL), Serum (200 uL), EDTA Plasma (200 uL), Citrate Plasma (200 uL)
0.1 pg/mL
Assay Range
0.2 - 10 pg/mL (Cell Culture Supernates), 0.3 - 16 pg/mL (Serum, EDTA Plasma, Citrate Plasma)
Natural and recombinant human IL-7
< 0.5% cross-reactivity observed with available related molecules.< 50% cross-species reactivity observed with species tested.
No significant interference observed with available related molecules.

Product Summary

The Quantikine HS Human IL-7 Immunoassay is a solid phase ELISA that specifically measures IL-7 in 18-24 hours (with an overnight incubation step). This kit is designed to measure IL-7 levels in cell culture supernates, serum, and plasma. It contains E. coli-expressed recombinant human IL-7 and antibodies raised against the recombinant factor. It has been shown to quantitate the recombinant factor accurately. Results obtained using natural IL-7 showed linear curves that were parallel to the standard curves obtained using the kit standards. These results indicate that this kit can be used to determine relative mass values for natural human IL-7.


The recovery of IL-7 spiked to three different levels throughout the range of the assay was evaluated.

Sample Type Average % Recovery Range %
Cell Culture Media (n=5) 103 89-113
Citrate Plasma (n=5) 100 92-110
EDTA Plasma (n=5) 112 83-132
Serum (n=5) 100 91-113


To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of IL-7 and diluted with the appropriate Calibrator Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
Human IL-7 High Sensitivity ELISA Linearity

Scientific Data

Human IL-7 High Sensitivity ELISA Cell Culture Supernate Standard Curve

Human IL-7 High Sensitivity ELISA Serum/Plasma Standard Curve

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Preparation and Storage

The product is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.

Background: IL-7

IL-7 (Interleukin-7) is a cytokine that plays important roles in lymphocyte differentiation, proliferation, and survival. IL-7 is produced by stromal epithelial cells of the thymus, bone marrow, and intestines. It signals through a receptor complex composed of IL-7 R alpha/CD127 and the Common gamma Chain. gamma c is also a subunit of the receptors for IL-2, -4, -9, -15, and -21. IL-7 contributes to the maintenance of all naïve and memory T cells. It is required for optimal T cell-dendritic cell interaction. In mouse, IL-7 activation of IL-7 R alpha is critical for both T cell and B cell lineage development, while in humans, it is required for T cell but not for B cell development.

Long Name:
Interleukin 7
Entrez Gene IDs:
3574 (Human); 16196 (Mouse); 25647 (Rat)
Alternate Names:
IL7; IL-7; IL-7interleukin-7; interleukin 7; Lymphopoietin-1; PBGF

Assay Procedure

Refer to the product for complete assay procedure.

Bring all reagents and samples to room temperature before use. It is recommended that all samples, standards, and controls be assayed in duplicate.
  1.   Prepare all reagents, standard dilutions, and samples as directed in the product insert.
  2.   Remove excess microplate strips from the plate frame, return them to the foil pouch containing the desiccant pack, and reseal.

  3. 50 µL Assay Diluent
  4.   Add 50 µL of Assay Diluent to each well.

  5. 200 µL Standard, Control, or Sample
  6.   Add 200 µL of Standard, Control, or sample to each well. Cover with a plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 14-20 hours.
  7.   Aspirate each well and wash, repeating the process 5 times for a total of 6 washes.

  8. 200 µL Conjugate
  9.   Add 200 µL of Conjugate to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 2 hours.
  10.   Aspirate and wash 6 times.

  11. 50 µL Substrate Solution
  12.   Add 50 µL Substrate Solution to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 45 minutes. Do not wash the plate.

  13. 50 µL Amplifier Solution
  14.   Add 50 µL Amplifier Solution to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 45 minutes.

  15. 50 µL Stop Solution
  16. Add 50 µL of Stop Solution to each well. Read at 490 nm within 30 minutes. Set wavelength correction to 650 nm or 690 nm.

Citations for Human IL-7 Quantikine HS ELISA Kit

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Human IL-7 Quantikine HS ELISA Kit
By Alisha Freeman on 07/11/2018
Sample Tested: CHO Chinese hamster ovary cell line

Human IL-7 Quantikine HS ELISA Kit
By Prakasha Kempaiah on 06/03/2016
Sample Tested: Serum