Media for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture

Specialized media optimized and validated using mesenchymal stem cells.

Product Summary

Our StemXVivo® media products, which are manufactured in-house, are specifically designed and validated for stem cell culture. We offer a broad selection of base media, complete media, and fully defined media for mesenchymal stem cell expansion, differentiation, and cryopreservation.


  • Fully defined media reduces experimental variability
  • Ready to use complete media is optimized for MSC expansion
  • Induce differentiation using base media and adipogenic, chondrogenic, or osteogenic supplements

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Complete Media for MSC Expansion

StemXVivo® Xeno-Free Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expansion Media

Xeno-free media optimized for the expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells.

StemXVivo® Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expansion Media

Complete, FBS-containing media optimized for MSC maintenance and expansion.

Human StemXVivo® Serum-Free MSC Expansion Media

Fully defined media optimized for the maintenance and expansion of human MSCs.

Base Media for MSC Differentiation

Human/Mouse/Rat StemXVivo® Chondrogenic Base Media

Base media for the induction of chondrogenesis.

Human/Mouse/Rat StemXVivo® Osteogenic/Adipogenic Base Media

Base media for the induction of osteogenesis and adipogenesis.

Media for MSC Cryopreservation

StemXVivo® Serum-Free MSC Freezing Media

Freezing media for human, mouse, and rat MSC cryopreservation.

CryoDefend™-Stem Cells Media

Media for defined, protein-free cryopreservation of stem cells.