Primary Rat Cortical Stem Cells

Rat Cortical Stem Cells (Catalog # NSC001)

Ex vivo expanded neural stem cells serve as excellent tools for researchers studying neural development and neurological disorders. R&D Systems offers ready-to-use primary cortical stem cells isolated from E14.5 Sprague-Dawley rats. These cells are designated as passage 0 (P0) cells. Cells were cultured as a monolayer system. After 5 days the cells were harvested and cryopreserved. Every lot of R&D Systems Rat Cortical Stem Cells is tested for a high level of Nestin expression and the capacity for multi-lineage differentiation (astrocytes, neurons, and oligodendrocytes).

Our rigorous testing procedures ensure the highest level of quality and consistency from lot to lot. Depending on your research needs, our Rat Cortical Stem Cells can be optimally expanded as monolayers or neurospheres. In addition, all rat cortical stem cell lots tested negative for mycoplasma using the MycoProbe™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit (Catalog # CUL001B). The cells also tested negative for microbial contamination.

  • Quality & Consistency
  • High Nestin expression
  • Multi-lineage potential
Speed & Flexibility
  • Ready-to-use
  • Monolayer or neurosphere
  • Stem Cells & Progenitor Cells
Cells provided: Rat cortical stem cells, 3 x 106 cells.
Size: 1 vial of 3 x 106 cells.
Cell type: Rat cortical stem cells at Passage 0 (P0).
Passage Limits: Multipotency may be reduced after 3 (monolayers) or 4 (neurospheres) passages.
Storage: Store in liquid nitrogen for up to 1 year.
Differentiating Rat Cortical Stem Cells Differentiating Rat Cortical Stem Cells. Neural progenitors were labeled with Goat Anti-Rat Nestin Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog # AF2736) and stained with Anti-Goat NorthernLights™-493 Secondary Antibody (Catalog # NL003; green). Differenti­ated neurons were labeled with Neuron-specific Anti-beta-III Tubulin Monoclonal Antibody (TuJ-1; Catalog # MAB1195) and stained using Anti-Mouse NorthernLights-557 Second­ary Antibody (Catalog # NL007; red). Nuclei were counted with DAPI (blue).