Rat IL-1 beta/IL-1F2 Quantikine ELISA Kit

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  • Assay Type
    Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
  • Format
    96-well strip plate
  • Assay Length
    4.5 hours
  • Specificity
    Natural and recombinant rat IL-1 beta
  • Cross-reactivity
    < 0.5% cross-reactivity observed with available related molecules.< 50% cross-species reactivity observed with species tested.
  • Interference
    No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
Product Summary
The Quantikine Rat IL-1 beta Immunoassay is a 4.5 hour solid phase ELISA designed to measure rat IL-1 beta in cell culture supernates, serum, and EDTA plasma. It contains recombinant rat IL-1 beta and antibodies raised against recombinant rat IL-1 beta. This immunoassay has been shown to quantitate the recombinant rat factor accurately.

Intra-Assay Precision (Precision within an assay) Three samples of known concentration were tested on one plate to assess intra-assay precision.
Inter-Assay Precision (Precision between assays) Three samples of known concentration were tested in separate assays to assess inter-assay precision.
Cell Culture Supernates, Serum, EDTA Plasma
Intra-Assay Precision Inter-Assay Precision
Standard Deviation7.39.9244.710.327


The recovery of rat IL-1 beta spiked to three levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated.

Sample Type Average % Recovery Range %
Cell Culture Supernates (n=5) 100 89-110
EDTA Plasma (n=5) 98 89-111
Serum (n=5) 108 97-120
To assess the linearity of the assay, five or more samples spiked with various concentrations of rat IL-1 beta in each matrix were diluted with Calibrator Diluent and then assayed.
Rat IL-1 beta/IL-1F2 Quantikine ELISA Kit
Preparation and Storage
  • Storage
    Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.
Background: IL-1 beta/IL-1F2
IL-1 beta (Interleukin-1 beta) is produced in response to inflammatory agents, infections, or microbial endotoxins. It plays a central role in immune and inflammatory responses, bone remodeling, fever, carbohydrate metabolism, and GH/IGF-I physiology. IL-1 beta dysregulation is implicated in many pathological conditions including sepsis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, acute and chronic myelogenous leukemia, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, neuronal injury, and aging-related diseases. Intracellular cleavage of the IL-1 beta precursor by Caspase-1/ICE is a key step in the inflammatory response. IL-1 beta binds to IL-1 RI and IL-1 RII. The IL-1 receptor accessory protein (IL-1 RAcP) associates with IL-1 RI and is required for IL-1 RI signal transduction, and IL-1ra is a secreted molecule that functions as a competitive inhibitor of IL-1 bioactivity.
    • Long Name
      Interleukin 1 beta
    • Entrez Gene IDs
      3553 (Human); 16176 (Mouse); 24494 (Rat); 397122 (Porcine); 403974 (Canine); 100034237 (Equine); 100135556 (Guinea Pig);
    • Alternate Names
      catabolin; IL1 beta; IL-1 beta; IL-1; IL1B; IL-1B; IL1-BETA; IL-1F2; IL1F2IL-1 beta; interleukin 1, beta; interleukin-1 beta; preinterleukin 1 beta; pro-interleukin-1-beta;
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    Assay Procedure
    Refer to the product for complete assay procedure.

    Bring all reagents and samples to room temperature before use. It is recommended that all samples, standards, and controls be assayed in duplicate.
    1.   Prepare all reagents, standard dilutions, and samples as directed in the product insert.
    2.   Remove excess microplate strips from the plate frame, return them to the foil pouch containing the desiccant pack, and reseal.

    3. 50 µL Assay Diluent
    4.   Add 50 µL of Assay Diluent to each well.

    5. 50 µL Standard, Control, or Sample
    6.   Add 50 µL of Standard, Control, or sample to each well. Cover with a plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 2 hours.
    7.   Aspirate each well and wash, repeating the process 4 times for a total of 5 washes.

    8. 100 µL Conjugate
    9.   Add 100 µL of Conjugate to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 2 hours.
    10.   Aspirate and wash 5 times.

    11. 100 µL Substrate Solution
    12.   Add 100 µL Substrate Solution to each well. Incubate at room temperature for 30 minutes. PROTECT FROM LIGHT.

    13. 100 µL Stop Solution
    14.   Add 100 µL of Stop Solution to each well. Read at 450 nm within 30 minutes. Set wavelength correction to 540 nm or 570 nm.

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    1. Spatiotemporal Cadence of Macrophage Polarisation in a Model of Light-Induced Retinal Degeneration.
      Authors: Jiao H, Natoli R, Valter K, Provis J, Rutar M
      PLoS ONE, 2015;10(12):e0143952.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    2. Rhamnogalacturonan from Acmella oleracea (L.) R.K. Jansen: gastroprotective and ulcer healing properties in rats.
      Authors: Maria-Ferreira D, da Silva L, Mendes D, Cabrini D, Nascimento A, Iacomini M, Cipriani T, Santos A, Werner M, Baggio C
      PLoS ONE, 2014;9(1):e84762.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Supernate
    3. Perioperative aspirin improves neurological outcome after focal brain ischemia possibly via inhibition of Notch 1 in rat.
      Authors: Wang Z, Huang W, Zuo Z
      J Neuroinflammation, 2014;11(0):56.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Whole Tissue
    4. Mechanical ventilation enhances HMGB1 expression in an LPS-induced lung injury model.
      Authors: Ding N, Wang F, Xiao H, Xu L, She S
      PLoS ONE, 2013;8(9):e74633.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    5. A short course of infusion of a hydrogen sulfide-donor attenuates endotoxemia induced organ injury via stimulation of anti-inflammatory pathways, with no additional protection from prolonged infusion.
      Cytokine, 2013;61(2):614-21.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    6. Keratinocyte expression of inflammatory mediators plays a crucial role in substance P-induced acute and chronic pain.
      J Neuroinflammation, 2012;9(0):181.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    7. House dust mite induces direct airway inflammation in vivo: implications for future disease therapy?
      Authors: De Alba J, Raemdonck K, Dekkak A, Collins M, Wong S, Nials AT, Knowles RG, Belvisi MG, Birrell MA
      Eur. Respir. J., 2010;35(6):1377-87.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    8. Neuregulin-ErbB signaling promotes microglial proliferation and chemotaxis contributing to microgliosis and pain after peripheral nerve injury.
      Authors: Calvo M, Zhu N, Tsantoulas C, Ma Z, Grist J, Loeb JA, Bennett DL
      J. Neurosci., 2010;30(15):5437-50.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    9. Identification of a serum-induced transcriptional signature associated with type 1 diabetes in the BioBreeding rat.
      Authors: Kaldunski M, Jia S, Geoffrey R, Basken J, Prosser S, Kansra S, Mordes JP, Lernmark A, Wang X, Hessner MJ
      Diabetes, 2010;59(10):2375-85.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    10. Evidence that intrathecal morphine-3-glucuronide may cause pain enhancement via toll-like receptor 4/MD-2 and interleukin-1beta.
      Authors: Lewis SS, Hutchinson MR, Rezvani N, Loram LC, Zhang Y, Maier SF, Rice KC, Watkins LR
      Neuroscience, 2010;165(2):569-83.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: CSF
    11. In vivo Angiotensin II AT1 receptor blockade selectively inhibits LPS-induced innate immune response and ACTH release in rat pituitary gland.
      Authors: Sanchez-Lemus E, Benicky J, Pavel J, Saavedra JM
      Brain Behav. Immun., 2009;23(7):945-57.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    12. Peripheral osmotic stimulation inhibits the brain's innate immune response to microdialysis of acidic perfusion fluid adjacent to supraoptic nucleus.
      Authors: Summy-Long JY, Hu S
      Am. J. Physiol. Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol., 2009;297(5):R1532-45.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Plasma
    13. Role of sensory innervation in the rat pulmonary neutrophil recruitment induced by staphylococcal enterotoxins type A and B.
      Authors: Desouza IA, Camargo EA, Mariano NS, Optiz-Neto JB, Resende JS, Mello GC, Costa SK, De Nucci G, Antunes E
      Eur. J. Pharmacol., 2009;613(1):128-34.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    14. Spinal leptin contributes to the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain in rodents.
      Authors: Lim G, Wang S, Zhang Y, Tian Y, Mao J
      J. Clin. Invest., 2009;119(2):295-304.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    15. Role of central beta-adrenergic receptors in regulating proinflammatory cytokine responses to a peripheral bacterial challenge.
      Authors: Johnson JD, Cortez V, Kennedy SL, Foley TE, Hanson H, Fleshner M
      Brain Behav. Immun., 2008;22(7):1078-86.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Plasma
    16. Human interleukin-10 gene transfer is protective in a rat model of Parkinson's disease.
      Authors: Johnston LC, Su X, Maguire-Zeiss K, Horovitz K, Ankoudinova I, Guschin D, Hadaczek P, Federoff HJ, Bankiewicz K, Forsayeth J
      Mol. Ther., 2008;16(8):1392-9.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    17. Substance P acts via the neurokinin receptor 1 to elicit bronchoconstriction, oxidative stress, and upregulated ICAM-1 expression after oil smoke exposure.
      Authors: Li PC, Chen WC, Chang LC, Lin SC
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    18. Cell-based angiopoietin-1 gene therapy for acute lung injury.
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    19. Interleukin-6 mediates low-threshold mechanical allodynia induced by intrathecal HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp120.
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      Species: Rat
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    20. Prothymosin alpha lacking the nuclear localization signal as an effective gene therapeutic strategy in collagen-induced arthritis.
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    21. Comprehensive gene expression profiling of rat lung reveals distinct acute and chronic responses to cigarette smoke inhalation.
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    22. Expression of the mu opioid receptor in the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transgenic rat model.
      Authors: Chang SL, Beltran JA, Swarup S
      J. Virol., 2007;81(16):8406-11.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Serum
    23. IL-1beta promotes neurite outgrowth by deactivating RhoA via p38 MAPK pathway.
      Authors: Temporin K, Tanaka H, Kuroda Y, Okada K, Yachi K, Moritomo H, Murase T, Yoshikawa H
      Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 2007;365(2):375-80.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    24. Cellular recruitment and cytokine generation in a rat model of allergic lung inflammation are differentially modulated by progesterone and estradiol.
      Authors: de Oliveira AP, Domingos HV, Cavriani G, Damazo AS, Dos Santos Franco AL, Oliani SM, Oliveira-Filho RM, Vargaftig BB, de Lima WT
      Am. J. Physiol., Cell Physiol., 2007;293(3):C1120-8.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    25. Changes of gene expression of iron regulatory proteins during turpentine oil-induced acute-phase response in the rat.
      Authors: Sheikh N, Dudas J, Ramadori G
      Lab. Invest., 2007;87(7):713-25.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Serum
    26. Gene transfer to interfere with TNFalpha signaling in neuropathic pain.
      Authors: Hao S, Mata M, Glorioso JC, Fink DJ
      Gene Ther., 2007;14(13):1010-6.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    27. Identification of astrocyte-expressed factors that modulate neural stem/progenitor cell differentiation.
      Authors: Barkho BZ, Song H, Aimone JB
      Stem Cells Dev., 2006;15(3):407-21.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    28. The age-related attenuation in long-term potentiation is associated with microglial activation.
      Authors: Griffin R, Nally R, Nolan Y, McCartney Y, Linden J, Lynch MA
      J. Neurochem., 2006;99(4):1263-72.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    29. Interleukin-10 aerosol reduces proinflammatory mediators in bronchoalveolar fluid of endotoxemic rat.
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
    30. Cytokine profiles in the testes of rats treated with lipopolysaccharide reveal localized suppression of inflammatory responses.
      Authors: O&amp;amp;apos;Bryan MK
      Am. J. Physiol. Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol., 2005;288(6):R1744-55.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    31. Prophylactic adenovirus-mediated human kallistatin gene therapy suppresses rat arthritis by inhibiting angiogenesis and inflammation.
      Authors: Wang CR, Chen SY, Wu CL, Liu MF, Jin YT, Chao L, Chao J
      Arthritis Rheum., 2005;52(4):1319-24.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    32. Developmental changes induced by graded prenatal systemic hypoxic-ischemic insults in rats.
      Authors: Robinson S, Petelenz K, Li Q, Cohen ML, Dechant A, Tabrizi N, Bucek M, Lust D, Miller RH
      Neurobiol. Dis., 2005;18(3):568-81.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Amniotic Fluid
    33. Chlorpromazine and loxapine reduce interleukin-1beta and interleukin-2 release by rat mixed glial and microglial cell cultures.
      Authors: Labuzek K, Kowalski J, Gabryel B, Herman ZS
      Eur Neuropsychopharmacol, 2005;15(1):23-30.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    34. HIV-1 gp120 stimulates proinflammatory cytokine-mediated pain facilitation via activation of nitric oxide synthase-I (nNOS).
      Authors: Holguin A, O&amp;amp;apos;Connor KA, Biedenkapp J, Campisi J, Wieseler-Frank J, Milligan ED, Hansen MK, Spataro L, Maksimova E, Bravmann C, Martin D, Fleshner M, Maier SF, Watkins LR
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: CSF
    35. Insulin treatment improves hepatic morphology and function through modulation of hepatic signals after severe trauma.
      Authors: Schubert T, Horch RE
      Ann. Surg., 2004;240(2):340-9.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    36. A method for measuring multiple cytokines from small samples.
      Authors: O&amp;amp;apos;Connor KA
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      Species: Rat
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      Authors: Jeschke MG, Klein D, Bolder U, Einspanier R
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      Species: Mouse
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    38. Differential cytokine response in interstitial fluid in skin and serum during experimental inflammation in rats.
      Authors: Nedrebo T, Reed RK, Jonsson R, Berg A, Wiig H
      J. Physiol. (Lond.), 2004;556(0):193-202.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Interstitial Fluid
    39. Oral (gavage), in utero and post-natal exposure of Sprague-Dawley rats to low doses of tributyltin chloride. Part II: effects on the immune system.
      Authors: Tryphonas H, Cooke G, Caldwell D, Bondy G, Parenteau M, Hayward S, Pulido O
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Serum
    40. Alveolar macrophage cytotoxicity for normal lung fibroblasts is mediated by nitric oxide release.
      Authors: Morgan DL, Shines CJ
      Toxicol In Vitro, 2004;18(1):139-46.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    41. A role for proinflammatory cytokines and fractalkine in analgesia, tolerance, and subsequent pain facilitation induced by chronic intrathecal morphine.
      Authors: Johnston IN, Milligan ED, Wieseler-Frank J, Frank MG, Zapata V, Campisi J, Langer S, Martin D, Green P, Fleshner M, Leinwand L, Maier SF, Watkins LR
      J. Neurosci., 2004;24(33):7353-65.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    42. Gene transfer of tumor necrosis factor inhibitor improves the function of lung allografts.
      Authors: Tagawa T, Kozower BD, Kanaan SA, Daddi N, Muraoka M, Oka T, Ritter JH, Patterson GA
      J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg., 2004;127(6):1558-63.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Tissue Homogenates
    43. Differential expression of cytokine genes and inducible nitric oxide synthase induced by opacity phenotype variants of Streptococcus pneumoniae during acute otitis media in the rat.
      Authors: Long JP, Tong HH, Shannon PA, DeMaria TF
      Infect. Immun., 2003;71(10):5531-40.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: middle ear effusion
    44. Recipient intramuscular cotransfection of naked plasmid transforming growth factor beta1 and interleukin 10 ameliorates lung graft ischemia-reperfusion injury.
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      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: Lung Lavage
    45. Role of IL-18 in acute lung inflammation.
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      J. Immunol., 2001;167(12):7060-8.
      Species: Rat
      Sample Type: BALF
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