VersaClone Expression-Ready Vectors

Our VersaClone Expression-Ready Vectors are ready to be transfected into mammalian cells. Find out more information below and complete the project request form to create your expression vector.


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CMV Promoter

CMV promoter expression

TK Promoter

TK promoter expression

Expression of GFP-tagged Human PD-L2 in HEK293 human embryonic kidney cells


VersaClone expression vectors arrive as highly purified plasmids ready to be transfected into mammalian cells. Each vial contains 25µg of DNA at a concentration of 0.5µg/µL.

They are manufactured promptly allowing us to fulfill your request quickly. Untagged genes will be shipped in 1-2 weeks. Tagged genes will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.

Wide Gene Selection

All gene inserts are fully sequence verified. Expression-ready vectors can be created from any of our rapidly growing VersaClone cloning vector products. Our expanding gene selection is available in human as well as a variety of other important model organisms. Search our cDNA gene selection to find available gene inserts.

Multiple Expression Level Options

We offer different strength promoters that vary target protein expression levels. Generally, the CMV promoter will overexpress your protein of interest and the TK promoter will express your protein at a lower level (see example images above).

Optional Tags

We offer GFP-tagged versions of our expression vectors for easy analysis and visualization of protein expression levels. We also offer 6x His tagged versions for easy protein purification and detection. The tag can be added to the C or N terminus of the gene.

Selection Markers

Our expression vectors contain a selection marker. Selection markers provide antibiotic resistance to generate stable transfected mammalian cells. Available selection markers are puromycin and neomycin.

Custom Projects

Have something else in mind? Our expert scientists will work with you to deliver a custom vector that meets all your required specifications. Visit our Custom cDNA Cloning page for more information.

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