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p53 is well known for its key role as a tumor suppressor protein. It is 393 amino acids (aa) in length with a predicted molecular weight of 44 kDa. It belongs to the p53 family that also includes p63 and p73.

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Restores mutant p53 activity


Restores mutant p53 activity; induces apoptosis

CP 31398 dihydrochloride

p53-stabilizing agent

RETRA hydrochloride

Antitumor agent; suppresses mutant p53-bearing cancer cells


Restores mutant p53 activity; proapoptotic

SCH 529074

Restores mutant p53 activity

PhiKan 083

p53 stabilizing agent


Induces apoptosis; increases p53 and ROS levels in cancer cells


Induces G2/M cell cycle arrest; anticancer

BMH 21

RNA polymerase 1 inhibitor; also p53 pathway activator
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