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APJ is a G-protein coupled receptor that is related to the angiotensin receptor. It is primarily expressed in coronary artery endothelium and binds the endogenous ligand, apelin. Apelin signaling through APJ was found to be essential for normal vascular development in frog embryo.

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Potent peptide apelin agonist

Apelin-36 (rat, mouse) 

Endogenous apelin agonist

Apelin-17 (human, bovine) 

Endogenous apelin agonist

Apelin-36 (human) 

Endogenous apelin agonist

ML 233 

Non-peptide apelin agonist

ELA-32 (human) 

Potent and high affinity apelin agonist; stimulates angiogenesis

ELA-14 (human) 

Potent apelin agonist; bioactive fragment of ELA-32 (Cat. No. 6291)

MM 07 

Apelin receptor biased agonist; exhibits bias for the G protein pathway
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