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Caspase-8, also known as MCH5, FLICA and MACH alpha 1, is a 28 kDa member of the peptidase C14A family of enzymes. It is widely expressed and is considered an initiating caspase for the apoptotic cascade.

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Human/Mouse Caspase-8 Antibody 

3 Images
KO, Simple Western, WB

Human/Mouse Caspase-8 Antibody 

2 Images
Simple Western, WB

Recombinant Human Caspase-8 Protein, CF 

Enzyme Activity

Human Caspase-8 Antibody 

Proteome Profiler Human Ubiquitin Array 

Contains 4 membranes-each spotted in duplicate with 49 different antibodies to ubiquitin target proteins
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