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GATA proteins are transcriptional coactivators with two GATA-type zinc fingers. GATAs bind to the consensus DNA sequence (A/T) GATA (A/G) to control diverse tissue-specific programs of gene expression and morphogenesis.

GATA-2 is expressed in hematopoietic progenitors and stem cells. GATA-2 expression is associated with cell proliferation. GATA-2 is 480 amino acids in length and contains 2 Zn2+ finger domains responsible for DNA binding (aa 295 - 319 and 349 - 373). Over aa 15 - 279 human GATA-2 share 96% identity with mouse GATA-2.

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Human/Mouse GATA-2 Antibody 

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Human GATA-2 Biotinylated Antibody 

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