Immunoassay Workflow Solutions for Research Scientists

Immunoassay Solutions Spanning Discovery, Validation, and Verification Workflows

Built on a foundation of quality and trust from the scientific community, Bio-Techne provides immunoassay solutions for every stage in your workflow.


Setting New Standards in Immunoassay Performance

Whether profiling the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 or researching predictive biomarkers for drug development, you need assurance that your immunoassays will deliver accurate, reliable results. That’s where Bio-Techne consistently outperforms the market. 

From our renowned Quantikine™ ELISA kits to immunoassay platforms Luminex® and Ella™, you can count on Bio-Techne immunoassays to produce precise, high-quality data consistently over time. Our framework for manufacturing excellence begins with quality at the core. Our ability to develop and manufacture more than 90 percent of our proteins, antibodies and immunoassays in-house gives us a unique precision advantage. Tight quality control over every raw material and complete kits helps ensure we are providing you with the most reliable, consistent, and best-performing immunoassays available.

Starting with a single analyte? Looking for multiplexing capabilities? Need a custom solution? Whatever your interest, we have a solution to fit your experimental needs.



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Immunoassay Options from Discovery to Validation


Types of Multiplex Immunoassays

Simple Western RePlexTM Proteome Profiler Immunoassay Luminex Bead based Immunoassays Luminex Multiplex Immunoassays Simple Plex Automated Immunoassay

Types of Immunoassays for Single Analyte

Duoset ELISA Immunoassay Quantikine ELISA Immunoassay Ella Automated Immunoassay


Identify the Best Immunoassay to Fit Your Needs

Kit   Number of Analytes Format Benefit Sample Volume  Assay Time  Instrument
Quantikine ELISA Immunoassay Quantikine ELISA 1    96-well plate   Most Published
Low CV's
10-200µL 3-5 Hours Plate Reader
Quantikine QuicKit Immunoassay Kits Quantikine QuicKit 1    96-well plate    Simplified Protocol Results in 90 mins 50µL 1.5 Hours Plate ​Reader
Quantikine HS ELISA Kits Quantikine HS ELISA 1    96-well plate   Highest Sensitivity 10-200µL 4-4.5 Hours Plate Reader
DuoSet ELISA Immunoassay
Economical Largest
Menu Flexible
20 Hours
Plate ​Reader
Simple Plex Automated Immunoassays
Simple Plex Assays
Up to 8
1.5 Hours
Luminex Multiplex Immunoassays
Luminex High-Performance
Up to 45
Optimized Panels
4 Hours
Luminex Immunoassay Platforms
Luminex Discovery
Up to 50
Most Flexible
4 Hours
Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays
Proteome Profiler
Up to 119
Largest Screening
20 Hours
Imaging System


Move Between Immunoassay Platforms with Confidence

Immunoassays, Simple Plex, Luminex and ELISA kits  

We offer a full catalog of immunoassay solutions so you can find the best platform for your needs. When your needs change, you can also move between platforms with confidence and consistency in your results. High-Performance Luminex Assays and Simple Plex Cartridges are both correlated to the gold standard Quantikine ELISA. Whether you are starting with a multiplex assay or single analyte, we have your current and future needs covered.

Automated Immunoassay Simple Plex versus High sensitivity ELISA immunoassays

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Bead immunoassay Luminex versus High Sensitivity ELISA immunoassays

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Immunoassay platform Ella versus immunoassay platform Luminex

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Seamless Transfer Between Immunoassay Platforms

Human serum levels of IFN-gamma was measured using High Sensitivity Quantikine ELISA, High-Performance Luminex Assay, and Simple Plex assays. The results show a nice correlation across the three types of immunoassays.


Bio-Techne's Immunoassays Deliver Quality At The Core

From the raw materials we put in them to the scientists that develop them, we ensure quality every step of the way.

Core Reagents:

R&D Systems antibodies, proteins, and specialized diluents are the foundation of all our immunoassays. High-quality raw materials are essential for building accurate and reproducible assays.


Bio-Techne brands have over 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing immunoassays. Our expertise is used to build the most reliable assays with superior accuracy and precision.


Specialized diluents are used to overcome effects seen by complex sample matrices, so you get the most accurate and trusted results.

Quality Control:

Every raw material and complete kit goes through stringent quality control testing to make sure your assays remain consistent over time and your data is reproducible.

Custom Services: 

Customized immunoassay solutions including modification of an existing assay, species testing, and qualification, and new immunoassay development are available to fit your experimental needs.


A Recognized Leader in Immunoassay Quality

R&D Systems is proud to be recognized for multiple awards honoring our superior product quality. Whether you are evaluating therapeutic response during a clinical trial or on the cutting-edge of drug development, we take pride in our commitment to the science and technology underpinning our products. Learn more about our R&D Systems immunoassay quality story.


What’s In Your Sample?