MagCellect™ Cell Selection Kits & Reagents

MagCellect Cell Selection Kits provide a powerful tool for enriching cell populations by positive or negative selection without the need for specialized columns.


  • Beads have high binding capacity
  • Small beads in ferrofluid have no magnetic memory and do not induce cell damage
  • Cells can be separated to a very high purity in minutes
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MagCellect Negative Selection Kits

  • Enrichment of desired cell populations
  • Untouched cells recovered

MagCellect Negative Selection Kits

MagCellect Plus Positive Selection Kits

  • Selection of rare cell populations
  • Very high purity
  • Kits include two different antibodies for capture and detection of desired cell type

MagCellect Plus Positive Selection Kits


Negative selection of Human B cells from PBMCs or whole blood (Catalog # MAGH103)

Negative selection of Human B cells from PBMCs or whole blood
Isolation of human CD19+ B cells from PBMCs and whole blood using the MagCellect Human B Cell Isolation kit. Human PBMCs (top) and whole blood (bottom) were prepared as described in the Cell Preparation section of the kit insert. Cells Were stained with Mouse Anti-Human CD19-PE Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # FAB4867P) and Mouse Anti-Human CD14-APC Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # FAB3832A), either before (left) or after (right) isolation of B cells.

Positive selection of EGFR+ cells (Catalog # MAGH124)

Positive selection of EGFR+ cell
Isolation of human EGFR+ cells from a cell mixture using the MagCellect Plus Human EGFR+ Cell Isolation Kit. Human PBMCs were prepared as described in the Cell Preparation Section of the kit insert. Cells were stained with Mouse Anti-Human EGFR- AlexaFluor® 647 Monoclonal Antibody (included in the kit) and Mouse Anti-Human CD45-PE Conjugated Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # FAB1430P) either before (first column “Pre”) or after (middle column “Post”) isolation of EGFR+ cells. The third column shows staining of cells in the negative fraction.

Other Materials Required

MagCellect Cell Selection Magnet

MagCellect Cell Selection Magnet (Catalog # MAG997 or equivalent)

Cell Enrichment Columns are also available to purify all T cells and specific T cell subpopulations by high affinity negative selection.

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