Antibodies Built for Reproducibility

With the recent reports stating antibodies as one of the reasons for scientific irreproducibility, you can rest assured with our antibodies. R&D Systems® takes rigorous steps towards antibody validation and reproducibility. We have been since the beginning. For 30 years, we have used our industry-leading production standards and quality control specifications to develop antibodies that can be relied on for specificity and reproducibility. By developing and testing our products in-house, we can ensure a validated and specific antibody. We are confident in our antibodies and provide 100% guarantee for our products. With R&D Systems® antibodies your results will stand the test of time.

Our Legacy of Antibody Reproducibility

Webinar: Lessons from 30 Years in Antibody Validation and Reproducibility

Our antibodies continue to get validated through peer-review and are consistently published in high-impact scientific journals.

Exclusive HLDA-Designated Antibodies

39 antibody clones developed by R&D Systems are used as definitive CD markers as designated by the HLDA.
HLDA-qualified CD Markers

Industry-Leading Production Standards

Immunogens are derived from our high-quality proteins. Each antibody is tested for lot-to-lot consistency and antigen specificity. View full product development pipeline.


Our Guarantee


In-House Antibody Development and Validation

We have manufactured over 95% of the antibodies offered on our website. In fact, we are one of the only antibody suppliers that still develop antibodies in-house. This means we know the exact history of our antibodies, which makes us uniquely able to authentically guarantee their consistency. Read More.


We are committed to continuously confirm specificity of our antibodies. We are continuously testing our products with knockout cell lines to ensure our antibodies are detecting the correct target. Click on the image above for an example of our knockout testing.


New antibody lots are screened by application alongside the previous commercial lots. This ensures that antibody specificity and sensitivity remains consistent from lot-to-lot. Click on the image above for an example of how we ensure antibody consistency.



Detailed information about your antibody is located on its datasheet as well as on our website. This information includes:
• Specificity & cross-reactivity
• Source
• Purification
• Specific immunogen used
• Endotoxin level
• In-house validated applications

Screening in Relevant Models

We validate our antibodies in the most biologically relevant system available to us. Click the image above for an example of antibody validation in a relevant biological system.

Development of Validated Monoclonal Antibodies

As a recognized leader in the development and validation of antibodies, R&D Systems has always been committed to producing antibodies that you can trust. A white paper is now available that explains the rigorous validation steps we take to release an antibody.


Ongoing Initiatives in Antibody Validation

EuroMAbNet European Monoclonal Antibodies Network

EuroMabNet Antibody Validation Workshops

R&D® Systems continues to sponsor EuroMabNet Antibody Validation Workshops each year. We are proud to support the efforts of creating the best standards for antibody validation. See our popular protocols and application guides including for WB, Flow, ELISA, IHC and ICC/IF.

International Antibody Validation Meeting

International Antibody
Validation Meeting

R&D® Systems is proud to have sponsored this unique meeting organized by the University of Bath, CiteAb and AstraZeneca. Scientists from academia, pharma, biotech and antibody manufacturers gathered to discuss best practices in research antibody validation and help improve antibody validation for the life science community. View our talk on antibody validation

Antibody Validation: Standards, Policies and Practices

Antibody Validation: Standards, Policies and Practices

The Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI) in conjunction with The Antibody Society brought together key stakeholders from academia, antibody producers, pharma, funders, and journals to share perspectives and contribute to tangible solutions for validating antibodies. Alisomar Conference Center, Monterey California, Sept. 25-27, 2016


Our Pledge to You

Antibody Guarantee

100% Guarantee

We stand by our antibody reproducibility by offering a 100% Guarantee on their performance.

Customer Service

Expert Technical Support

Our technical support is on-call to answer questions and help you resolve any issue that you may encounter with our antibodies. Contact us.



We are working with 3rd party organizations to ensure that we are held accountable for the reproducibility of our antibodies.

Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative

We are sponsoring the Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative through Antibodypedia, which is using gene silencing to prove antibody specificity. The results are submitted to the initiative and made publicly available on Antibodypedia.

F1000 - Faculty of 1000

Expert Technical Support

R&D Systems supports The Reproducibility Project conducted through the Science Exchange network. This project is dedicated to examining experimental replicability, in particular within the field of cancer biology.