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Dihydro-β-erythroidine hydrobromide 

α4β2, muscle type and Torpedo nAChR antagonist

Mecamylamine hydrochloride 

Non-competitive nAChR antagonist

α-Conotoxin MII 

Potent and selective α3β2 and β3 nAChR antagonist

(+)-Tubocurarine chloride 

nAChR antagonist

α-Conotoxin PIA 

Selective antagonist of α6-containing nAChRs

Bisindolylmaleimide II 

Potent PKC inhibitor; also potent nAChR antagonist

SR 16584 

Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist

α-Conotoxin AuIB 

Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist
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