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Selective AMPA agonist; active isomer of (RS)-AMPA (Cat. No. 0169)

(RS)-AMPA hydrobromide 

Selective AMPA agonist; more water soluble form of (RS)-AMPA (Cat. No. 0169)

2R,6R-Hydroxynorketamine hydrochloride 

Enhances AMPA currents; decreases D-serine (a NMDA co-agonist); lacks ketamine-related side effects


Selective AMPA agonist

L-Quisqualic acid 

AMPA agonist; also group I mGlu agonist


Inactive isomer of (RS)-AMPA (Cat. No. 0169)

(S)-CPW 399 

Subtype-selective weakly desensitizing AMPA agonist


GluA1 and GluA2 selective AMPA agonist


Caged (S)-AMPA

2S,6S-Hydroxynorketamine hydrochloride 

Decreases D-serine (a NMDA co-agonist); antidepressant
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