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Extracellular matrix protein 1 (ECM1) is an 85 kDa, secreted glycoprotein important in connective tissue organization. ECM1 is over-expressed in many malignant epithelial tumors and has demonstrated angiogenic activity.

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Human ECM1 Antibody 

3 Images
IHC, Simple Western, WB

Human ECM-1 Antibody 

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Recombinant Human ECM1 Protein, CF 


Mouse ECM1 Antibody 

Human ECM1 Biotinylated Antibody 


Human ECM1 DuoSet ELISA 

Human ECM1 Antibody 

Recombinant Mouse ECM1 Protein, CF 


Proteome Profiler Human sReceptor Array, Non-hematopoietic 

Contains 4 membranes - 2 spotted in duplicate with 62 different non-hematopoietic antibodies and 2 spotted in duplicate with 57 common antibodies
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