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ENPP-2, also known as Autotaxin, belongs to the ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase (NPP) family. Some NPPs hydrolyze phosphates from nucleotides and their derivatives.

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Human Magnetic Luminex Assay 

Simple Plex Human ENPP-2/Autotaxin Cartridge 

Simple Plex Cartridge Kit containing ENPP-2 for use with Human CCS/Plasma/Serum. Includes wash buffer and sample diluent. For use with the Ella automated immunoassay system.

Quantikine Immunoassay Control Set 1027 for Human ENPP-2 

For use with catalog number DENP20

S 32826 

Potent autotaxin inhibitor

HA 130 

Potent and selective autotaxin inhibitor

PF 8380 

Potent autotaxin inhibitor

Proteome Profiler Human XL Oncology Array 

Contains 4 membranes-each spotted in duplicate with 84 different cancer-related antibodies
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