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Endogenous NOP agonist

Nocistatin (bovine) 

Opposes action of nociceptin

Nocistatin (human) 

Human putative counterpart of nocistatin


Selective nociceptin receptor agonist


Orphan neuropeptide


High affinity NOP ligand

Nociceptin (1-7) 

Bioactive metabolite of nociceptin


Selective, competitive nociceptin antagonist


Potent, selective NOP partial agonist peptide


Potent, selective silent antagonist for NOP


Potent, selective nociceptin receptor agonist


Highly potent and selective NOP agonist

NNC 63-0532 

Potent non-peptide NOP agonist; brain penetrant

JTC 801 

Selective NOP antagonist

(±)-J 113397 

Potent and selective NOP antagonist

SCH 221510 

Potent and selective NOP agonist

SB 612111 hydrochloride 

Selective NOP antagonist

MCOPPB trihydrochloride 

Potent NOP receptor agonist

Orphanin FQ (1-11) 

Potent NOP agonist; displays analgesic properties
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