Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry facilitates quantitative, multiparameter analysis of cell populations based on the expression of cell surface and/or intracellular molecules. R&D Systems offers a wide range of biotin-, fluorescein-, phycoerythrin-, PerCP-, AlexaFluor® 405-, 488-, 594-, 647-, 700-, 750-, or allophycocyanin-conjugated monoclonal antibodies specifically designed to monitor protein expression by flow cytometry. Also available are Fluorokine® kits; labeled cytokines that can be used to monitor the presence of cytokine receptors.

Cell Surface Staining Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

A rapid and simple method to immunophenotype cell populations.

Fluorokine Receptor Detection Kits

Biotinylated ligands for estimating receptor densities.

Intracellular Staining Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Intracellular staining reagents offer a rapid and simple method to identify cells that secrete selected cytokines (e.g. Th1 vs. Th2). A variety of fluorochrome-labeled isotype controls, conjugated with the same fluorochrome to protein ratio, are available to aid in assessing background staining.

Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Kits

Kits to simultaneously label cells with up to four antibodies conjugated to four different fluorochromes.

Flow Cytometry Supplemental Reagents

Antibody isotype controls and supplemental staining reagents for flow cytometry.

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