Neural Stem Cell Proliferation Kits

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The Neural Precursor Cell-Based Screening and Bioassay Kit contains specially formulated media supplements to study the proliferation and differentiation of neural precursor cells.
This microplate-based assay utilizes the redox sensitive dye, Resazurin, to monitor cell proliferation. In parallel, differentiation of neural stem cells can be monitored with HRP-conjugated mouse anti-neuron specific beta-III Tubulin antibody. Reagents provided in the kit are sufficient for two 96-well plate proliferation assays and two 96-well plate differentiation assays.

Neural Precursor Cell-Based Screening & Bioassay Kit (Catalog # SC014)

  • Label: Resazurin (proliferation) and HRP-conjugated beta-III Tubulin (differentiation)
  • Testing Format: Microplate reader
  • Sample Type: Cultured cells
  • Size: 4 x 96-well microplates*

*Each kit contains reagents for two proliferation assays and two differentiation assays.