Neuronal Cell Culture

Serum Free Neural Media Supplements

R&D Systems specializes in providing the highest quality media supplements, adhesion substrates, recombinant proteins, verification antibodies, and neuromodulatory compounds for neuronal cell culture research. All of our reagents for culturing cells of the nervous system are designed to help maintain consistency within and across your experiments. Click on the neuronal cell culture categories below to quickly jump to relevant products.


Culture Media & Supplements

Neural Media Supplements

Provides optimal growth conditions for neurons and neural stem cell cultures.

N21-MAX Media Supplement

Provides reliable maturation and superior function of neurons in culture.


Stable form of L-glutamine for supplementation into cell culture media.


This highly purified Mouse Laminin-I promotes cell adhesion, migration, growth, and differentiation.


A highly positively-charged amino acid chain commonly used as a coating agent to promote cell adhesion in culture.


Promotes cell adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation of cultured neurons and is resistant to enzymatic degradation.

Fluorescent Probes and Imaging Dyes

Visualize activity in your cell cultures with fluorescent compounds offered by Tocris Bioscience. 

Other Cell Adhesion Substrates

Substrates to support the attachment of neural cells to culture dishes and coverslips. 

Artificial Cerebrospinal Fluid (aCSF)

Microfiltered, sterile, and matches electrolyte concentrations found in CSF.




Axon Guidance and Migration

Tools to study molecules involved in axon guidance and neuron migration.

Neurotrophic Factors

Tools to study the role of neurotrophic factors in brain development, CNS homeostasis, and regeneration. 

Synaptic Proteins and Receptors

Tools to study molecules essential for synaptic transmission.



Agonists & Antagonists from Tocris Bioscience


Modulate GABAergic receptors, including GABAA and GABAB,with compounds from Tocris Bioscience.


Modulate Glutamatergic receptors, including NMDA, AMPA, and Kainate, with compounds from Tocris Bioscience.


Modulate Dopaminergic receptors with compounds from Tocris Bioscience.


Modulate Seratonergic (5-HT) receptors with compounds from Tocris Bioscience.

Acetylcholinergic - Nicotinic

Modulate Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptors with compounds from Tocris Bioscience.

Acetylcholinergic - Muscarinic

Modulate Muscarinic Acetylcholine receptors with compounds from Tocris Bioscience.



Caged Compounds

Photolytically-released Ligands

Compounds that will release neurotransmitter agonists and antagonists through photolysis.

Cell Marker Antibodies

Neuronal Lineage Markers

Individual antibodies to standard and cell-specific neuronal subtype markers.

Glial Lineage Markers

Individual antibodies for astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendrocytes.

Synaptic Markers

Individual antibodies for proteins involved in synaptic development and transmission. 

Neural Stem Cell Markers

Antibodies to identify and characterize neural stem cells.