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Biology introduces more than enough variability for researchers to worry about without adding inconsistent reagents to the equation. Start minimizing one major source of experimental variability in your research by using R&D Systems Recombinant Antibodies. We utilize our expertise in manufacturing high-quality antibodies and molecular biology to offer recombinant antibodies and antibody conversion and engineering services.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Recombinant Antibody


Consistent and Reproducible Supply
By using recombinant antibodies, you can be assured of a long-term supply. All of our antibodies are sequenced so we can guarantee consistency from lot to lot. By removing the variability found with traditional antibody production, you are guaranteed the same product time and time again.

Validated Antibodies
Our recombinant antibodies are held to the same high standard of validation testing as our traditional antibodies. We test every antibody we produce so you can remain confident in your results. Learn more about our development and validation process.

Increased Quantities
By developing and expressing recombinant antibodies in-house, we are able to meet all your size needs. We can produce antibodies in larger amounts such as 500 μg, 1 mg, and even into the gram quantities upon request.

Antibody Conversion and Engineering Services
Our expertise in converting hybridoma cell lines to recombinant antibodies makes us ideally suited to provide this service. Here are a few reasons to utilize our recombinant antibody conversion service:

  • Modification of the species, isotype, hinge, and Fc region
  • Generation of active truncated forms
  • Improved yield without any change in affinity
  • Plus More! Learn about all the possibilities


Take advantage of the rabbit’s highly specific immune system with our Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies.

We have immortalized many of our hybridomas, so you can have a lifetime supply. See the full list of Mouse and Rat Recombinant Antibodies.