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ASC contains an N-terminal Pyrin domain and C-terminal CARD (Caspase-recruitment Domain), and is a p53 target protein that serves as an adaptor to the pro-apoptotic Bax molecule. The interaction of ASC with Bax promotes apoptosis in response to many apoptotic stimuli.

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Human ASC Antibody 

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KO, Simple Western, WB

Simple Plex Control for Human ASC 

Control for use with Human ASC Simple Plex Cartridge Kit

Simple Plex Human ASC Cartridge 

Simple Plex Human ASC assay kit for use on Ella instrument. Contains cartridge, sample diluent SD13, and wash buffer.

Custom Simple Plex™ Assay Panels 

Build your own multi-plex biomarker immunoassay panel for Ella™. Highly precise and reproducible. Choose from more than 250 fully validated target analytes.

Proteome Profiler Human NFkB Pathway Array 

Contains 4 membranes-each spotted in duplicate with 41 different proteins and 4 serine or tyrosine phosphorylation sites antibodies
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