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The Raf serine/threonine kinases are effectors of Ras that function as MAP3Ks in the ERK phosphorylation cascade. Mammals express three Raf proteins: Raf-1 (C-Raf); A-Raf; and B-Raf, strongly expressed in fetal brain and adult cerebrum.

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Human B-Raf Antibody 

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Simple Western, WB

SB 590885 

Potent B-Raf inhibitor

GDC 0879 

Potent B-Raf inhibitor

AZ 628 

Potent Raf kinase inhibitor

KG 5 

PDGFRβ, B-Raf, c-Raf, FLT3 and KIT inhibitor

LY 3009120 

Potent pan-Raf kinase inhibitor

Dabrafenib mesylate 

Potent and selective B-Raf, CDK16 and NEK9 inhibitor; anticancer; also targets human proteins in the SARS-CoV-2 interactome


Potent BRAF and CRAF inhibitor

CG 858 

Selective BRAF-V600E protein Degrader (uSMITE™)

CG 858-Neg 

Negative control for CG 858 (Cat. No. 7427)

SJF 0628 


CST 905 

Potent and selective BRAFV600E Degrader (PROTAC®)
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