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Calcineurin, also called Protein Phosphatase 2B, PP2B, PPP2B, Protein Phosphatase 3, and PPP3, is an enzyme that dephosphorylates serine and threonine residues in proteins.

Calcineurin A, also known as PP2B and PPP3CA, is the 59 kDa catalytic subunit of the calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase. When activated by calcium in the presence of the regulatory B subunit and calmodulin, Calcineurin A selectively removes phosphates from serine and threonine residues on target proteins. Although ubiquitously expressed, Calcineurin levels are highest in brain. Calcineurin function in brain is thought to play a role in the formation and retention of memories. Calcineurin activity is inhibited by the immunosuppressant drug Cyclosporine A bound to cyclophilins.

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Cyclosporin A 

Calcineurin inhibitor

FK 506 

Potent calcineurin inhibitor; immunosuppressant


Inhibitor of calcineurin-substrate association

NFAT Inhibitor 

Inhibitor of calcineurin-mediated NFAT activation
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