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Histamine H4 Receptor Agonists: Products

Histamine is a ubiquitous messenger molecule released from mast cells, enterochromaffin-like cells, and neurons. Its various actions are mediated by a family of histamine receptors, which are a subset of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily.

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Histamine dihydrochloride 

Endogenous histamine receptor agonist

Imetit dihydrobromide 

Standard H3 and H4 agonist (H3 > H4)

Clobenpropit dihydrobromide 

Highly potent H3 antagonist and H4 partial agonist

Immepip dihydrobromide 

Standard H3 agonist. Also H4 agonist

4-Methylhistamine dihydrochloride 

Selective, high affinity H4 agonist

VUF 8430 dihydrobromide 

Potent and high affinity H4 agonist
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