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Neural stem cells provide an excellent model for research focused on neural development and neurological disorders. R&D Systems offers ready-to-use primary cortical stem cells isolated from E14.5 Sprague-Dawley rats.

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ITS Media Supplement (100X)

Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium Media Supplement

ITS-Plus Media Supplement (100X)

Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium-Plus Media Supplement

Human/Mouse/Rat Neural Lineage Functional Identification Kit

To verify multipotency in human, mouse, or rat neural progenitor cells (NPCs) by in vitro functional differentiation.


Neurogenic agent; induces neuronal differentiation of SVZ progenitors and also induces cardiomyogenic differentiation

CryoDefend-Stem Cells (5 x 10 mL)

For defined, protein-free cryopreservation

Human/Mouse/Rat Neural Progenitor Cell Marker Antibody Panel

A cost-effective collection of established neural progenitor markers to verify multipotency. Contains 25 ug each of antibodies to Notch-1, CXCR4, Vimentin, SSEA-1, Musashi-1, SOX1, SOX2, and Nestin.
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