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Wednesday, August 01, 2018 - 08:19
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New Products

Recombinant Human DLL3
Recombinant Human DLL3 Now Available
Delta-like protein 3 (DLL3) is a transmembrane protein that belongs to the Delta/Serrate/Lag-2 (DSL) family of Notch ligands. It has received much recent attention due to its potential as a target for small cell lung cancer.
Recombinant Arginase 2 and Lipoprotein Lipase
New Active Enzymes: Arginase-2 and Lipoprotein Lipase
Metabolic enzymes and their associated pathways represent attractive drug targets for a range of diseases. Learn more about our new Recombinant Human Arginase-2 and Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL).
New Biotinylated Proteins
New Biotinylated Proteins: Specificity Backed by Activity Data
We are expanding our range of biotinylated immuno-oncology related targets and cytokines. See the data and a complete listing, including biotinylated forms of IL-2, IL-6, Vista, VSIG4, PD-L2, and more.
Recombinant AMIGO proteins
Amigos: Novel Data Suggesting a Role in T Cell Activation
The three AMIGOs, AMIGO1-3, make up a family of cell adhesion molecules. Find out more about their roles in nervous system and immune cell function, as well as see novel data from R&D Systems scientists suggesting they also suppress T cell activity.
Non-Catalog Proteins
Beyond the Catalog: Non-Catalog Proteins
Did you know that the proteins you see on the R&D Systems website make up only a fraction of those that we have in inventory? If you don’t see your protein, tag, species, or source of interest, make sure to check Beyond the Catalog.


CellXVivo Kits Webinar
Webinar Short: CellXVivo Kits with Simple Protocols and Reproducible Differentiation or Expansion of Immune Cells
In five minutes we describe kits designed for reproducible differentiation/expansion of Th1 cells, Th2 cells, Th17 cells, Treg cells, dendritic cells, B cells, NK Cells, and more. Protocols optimized using R&D Systems® cytokine cocktails.
VSIG, IgG Superfamily Members
Assuring Quality of Scale-Up and -Out for Cell Therapy Manufacturing
See our expert panel including Diane Wotta Ph.D., R&D Systems Sr. Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Valérie Steenwinckel P.h.D., Industrialization Director at Celyad, and Knut Niss, Ph.D., CTO at Mustang Bio discuss headwinds and solutions for cell therapy manufacturing and scale up.


GMP Proteins for Therapeutic Manufacturing
New Brochure: GMP Proteins for Therapeutic Manufacturing
R&D systems® GMP-grade cytokines and growth factors are made specifically for clinical ex vivo use. Learn how our manufacturing process combines safety and consistency. We can help you navigate your regulatory hurdles.
New VSIG8 Poster
New Scientific Poster: VSIG8 is a Co-inhibitory Ligand and an Immune Checkpoint Molecule for Human T Cells
R&D Systems scientists highlight the effects that VSIG8 has on T cell proliferation, cytokine secretion, differentiation, and more.
Butyrophilin and Butyrophilin-like Proteins
Butyrophilin and Butyrophilin-like Proteins: B7-related Modulators of T Cell Function
R&D Systems scientists screen the B7-related Butyrophilin family for their effects on T cell activity.
Save on Recombinant B18R
Protein Promotions
Please see our current deals including 50% off Recombinant B18R for RNA transfection, as well as 50% off the enzymes PNGase F and our selection of Heparinases.

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