Quality Control for Cell and Gene Therapy

Product Release Testing for Cell and Gene Therapy

Flow cytometry antibodies, assays, and automated ELISAs for phenotypic and functional analysis. Validate your T cell, NK cell, Treg, MSC, or iPSC preps!

Bring your research to the clinic with Bio-Techne’s comprehensive solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing. View our tools for Quality Control testing during cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Validate your cells’ phenotype, purity, and heterogeneity with our single- and multi-analyte automated, high-throughput immunoassays.

Product Release Testing

Rigorous characterization of a cell preparation includes phenotypic, functional, and purity measurements. Confirm the expression of surface markers, activity, and purity at the discovery, pre-clinical, or clinical stage.

Custom Assay Services, GMP Development, and Bulk Product and Formulation Requests

Custom Services for Cell Therapy

If your cell therapy program requires unusual quality control testing, take advantage of our scientific expertise in cell characterization. We will work with you to develop and scale up efficient and robust assays to demonstrate the identity and purity of your cells. Learn more about Custom Services for Cell Therapy.