Cell Separation for Cell and Gene Therapy

We offer bead-based technologies for cell separation. Get high yields of enriched cells from heterogeneous samples.

Whether you are working with an immune cell subset for immunotherapy or stem cells for tissue regeneration, isolation of the correct cell population is the first step. Our cell enrichment technologies lay the groundwork to begin your workflow on a strong footing. We offer both bead-based and column-based technologies for the efficient enrichment of many immune cell subsets including T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and regulatory T cells (Treg). We also offer isolation kits and lineage depletion kits for multiple lineages of stem cells including mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), hematopoietic stem cells (HSC), neural stem cells (NSC), and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Bring your research to the clinic with Bio-Techne’s comprehensive solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing. View our cell separation tools for Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing at bio-techne.com.

We offer bead-based cell separation technologies that allow for high yields of enriched cells from heterogeneous samples.

Cell Separation for Cell Therapy

Apheresis, cord blood, and tissue explants are common sources of samples for CAR T, cancer vaccine, or stem cell therapy research. We will help you convert those heterogeneous samples into an enriched population, including options for lymphoid or myeloid cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, pluripotent stem cells, and hematopoietic stem cells.

Flow cytometry antibodies, assays, and automated ELISAs for phenotypic and functional analysis. Validate your T cell, NK cell, Treg, MSC, or iPSC preps!

Cell Characterization for Cell Therapy

Quality control is important at every step of the cell therapy workflow, so we have collected all our relevant resources on one page to make them easy to find. We offer qualified flow cytometry antibodies, multicolor flow cytometry kits, and immunoassay platforms that deliver precise and reproducible measurements of cell lineage and activity. Rigorous characterization of your cell populations at the developmental stage will smooth the path for clinical stage manufacturing. View our portfolio for Product Release Testing for Cell Manufacturing.

Leverage our scientific expertise for your process. We will work with you to develop, formulate, and scale up our premium custom reagents and assays.

Custom Services for Cell Therapy

Cell separation efficiency can be enhanced with customized solutions. R&D Systems scientists will work closely with you to design an optimum cell separation strategy for your cell manufacturing workflow. Learn more about Custom Services for Cell Therapy.