Monitoring Cell and Gene Therapy - Efficacy and Toxicity

Monitoring Cell and Gene Therapy Efficacy and Toxicity

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Monitoring Stem Cell Engraftment

Stem Cell Engraftment

Keep a close eye on how your cell or gene therapy performs in vivo. Track cell homing to the target tissue, cell persistence in the target tissue, and continued cell function.

RNAscope® in situ Hybridization Assays (at
    Single-cell RNA expression analysis to localize your cell therapy in the target tissue
Epitope Tag Antibodies
    For detection of tagged molecules in your genetic construct
Monitoring T Cell Exhaustion
    Reagents and assays to confirm that your cells don’t become over-activated in vivo
Reagents and Assays for Exosome Research (at
    To monitor microvesicles released by your cell or gene therapy
Suicide Switch Triggering and Monitoring for Cell Therapy Inactivation
    Apoptosis Inducer Compounds (at
    Apoptosis Detection Kits and Reagents
Systemic Host Response

Systemic Host Response

Analyze how the host responds to preconditioning treatment and your cell therapy. Our multiple assay platforms will give you enormous flexibility to monitor circulating biomarkers of cytokine release syndrome, tissue and organ damage, and the immunogenicity of your cell or gene therapy itself.

Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays
    No specialized equipment required; affordable screening tool for discovery-level research
DuoSet® ELISA Development Reagents
    Flexible and economical for discovery-level research; over 1,000 available
Quantikine® ELISA Kits
    Industry gold standard ELISAs as you transition to clinical-level research; over 450 available
Luminex® Assays and Luminex High Performance Assays
    Quantitative multiplex for up to 100 analytes and for translational medicine applications
Simple Plex Assays (at
    Automated, parallel immunoassays for translational medicine applications; results in < 1 hour
Simple Western Assays (at
    Automated, 3-hour capillary-based immunoassays and size assays for translational medicine applications
Antibodies for Disease Biomarkers (at
Biomarker Testing Service
    Full access to all R&D Systems products and development expertise
Host Tissue Response

Host Tissue Response

Evaluate the efficacy of your cell or gene therapy in the tissue you’re targeting. Determine if your treatment is inducing tumor regression, tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, immune cell infiltration, apoptosis, fibrosis, or other relevant measures.

Custom Services

Custom Services

Efficient workflows often require customized solutions. Leverage the scientific expertise of R&D Systems scientists to guide you through your manufacturing process during the development, scale up, and manufacturing of your cell or gene therapy. Learn more about custom services for cell therapy.