General Laboratory Reagents

R&D Systems offers supplemental reagents to support Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Biochemistry, Cell Culture, Protein Purification, Immunodepletion, and Cell Selection and Detection experiments. In addition, we provide additional reagents for the study of Apoptosis and DNA Damage and Repair.

Supplemental Apoptosis Reagents

A wide range of supplemental products for use with apoptosis assays.

Cell Culture Media Supplements & Reagents

Culture media, growth supplements, coating agents, microplates, and more.

Supplemental Cell Selection Reagents & MagCellect Magnet

MagCellect™ magnet, MagCellect ferrofluids, erythrocyte lysing kits, and more.

DNA Damage & Repair Enzymes

Used in vitro for detection of specific forms of DNA damage or for repair assays.

Flow Cytometry Supplemental Reagents

Antibody isotype controls and supplemental staining reagents for flow cytometry.

Immunohistochemistry Supplemental Reagents

Antigen retrieval reagents, cell and tissue staining kits, staining reagents, and more.

Molecular Weight Markers for Western Blot

Biotinylated molecular weight standards for Western blot.

Protein Purification Resin & Anti-poly Histidine Antibodies

Agarose beads and antibodies for the purification of poly-histidine-tagged peptides.

Proteome Purify™ Kits for Serum Protein Immunodepletion

Resins to deplete serum or plasma of high abundance proteins.

Purified DNA for Hybridization

Highly purified DNA for Northern, Southern, and dot blot procedures.

Secondary Antibodies

A wide range of species-specific secondary antibodies for flow cytometry, IHC, and biochemistry.

Supplemental ELISA/Assay Products

ELISA-related products that can be used to develop complete, custom-built assays.