Human XL Cytokine Luminex Performance Assay 44-plex Fixed Panel

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Human XL Cytokine Luminex Panel Standard Curves
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Human XL Cytokine Luminex Performance Assay 44-plex Fixed Panel Summary

Panel Luminex Performance Human Fixed XL Cytokine Panel
Assay Type Magnetic bead-based multiplex assay for the Luminex® platform
Format 1 x 96-well microplate and Magnetic antibody-coated beads
Species Human
Analytes Detected Please see analyte list in assay customization tool below.
Performance Validation Our Luminex High Performance Assays undergo our most extensive validation testing. All Luminex High Performance Assay Panels are validated for use with serum and plasma samples. Some High Performance Assays are additionally validated for cell culture supernatants, milk, saliva, or urine, as indicated on the individual product data sheets. Luminex High Performance Assays are tested for sensitivity (three-quarters the low standard), intra-assay precision, inter-assay precision, and to ensure assay linearity for validated sample types. Recovery values for individual samples in validated sample types are also tested. Validation data for each analyte can be found in the product datasheet.

View Luminex High Performance Human XL validation data.
Analytes Included in the Assay
CCL3/MIP-1 alpha
CCL4/MIP-1 beta
CCL19/MIP-3 beta
CCL20/MIP-3 alpha
CD40 Ligand/TNFSF5
FGF basic/FGF2/bFGF
Flt-3 Ligand/FLT3L
Granzyme B
IFN-alpha 2/IFNA2
IL-1 alpha/IL-1F1
IL-1 beta/IL-1F2
IL-12 p70

Not finding your analyte of interest? View our complete Luminex offering in the full version of our Luminex Assay Customization Tool. We also offer Custom Luminex Services.

Product Features

Magnetic Luminex High Performance Assays are flexible bead-based multiplex assays. They allow up to 50 user-defined target analytes to be simultaneously profiled using cell culture supernates, serum, or plasma samples. Some panels are also validated with human milk, saliva, and/or urine samples.

  • Simultaneously profile analytes in one sample
  • Magnetic format allows for easier wash steps
  • Undergoes similar validation testing as Quantikine® ELISA Kits
  • Precise and Specific
  • Requires a small sample volume (<50 µL)
  • Run your assay in just 3-5 hours
  • Mass-calibrated standards for consistent results with every new lot of material
  • Enough reagents for one 96-well plate
Kit Components
  • Premixed cocktail of antibody-coated Magnetic beads
  • Premixed cocktail of biotinylated detection antibody
  • Standard Cocktail(s)
  • Bead Diluent
  • Biotin Antibody Diluent
  • Calibrator Diluent
  • Wash Buffer
  • Streptavidin-PE
  • One flat-bottom 96-well Microplate
  • Foil Plate Sealers (4)
  • Mixing Bottle
  • Standard Value Card**
  • High and low controls with Control Mean Value Card

**A standard curve must be generated each time an assay is run, utilizing values from the Standard Value Card included in the Kit.


Intra-Assay Precision - is generated from the mean of the %CV's from 40 reportable results across two different concentrations of analytes in a single serum assay

Inter-Assay Precision - is generated from the mean of the %CV's across two different concentrations of analytes across 25 different serum assays.

  n=40 (20x2 levels) n=25
Analyte Intra-Assay (%CV) Inter-Assay (%CV)
B7-H1/PD-L1 1.8% 11.3%
CCL11/Eotaxin 3.2% 10.0%
CCL19/MIP-3beta 2.2% 9.7%
CCL2/MCP-1 1.4% 8.9%
CCL20/MIP-3 alpha 2.4% 9.9%
CCL3/MIP-1alpha 1.5% 7.3%
CCL4/MIP-1beta 3.0% 9.6%
CD40 Ligand 3.3% 10.6%
CXCL1/GRO alpha 1.0% 8.0%
CXCL10/IP-10 2.1% 8.8%
CXCL2/GRO beta 1.2% 8.8%
CXCL8/IL-8 1.8% 9.0%
EGF 3.0% 9.6%
FGF-basic 4.2% 12.6%
Flt-3 ligand 2.5% 10.1%
G-CSF 1.8% 10.2%
GM-CSF 3.1% 10.3%
Granzyme B 1.8% 11.0%
IFN-alpha 2.9% 9.9%
IFN-beta 3.0% 11.0%
IFN-gamma 2.8% 10.4%
IL-10 3.3% 9.0%
IL-12 p70 2.3% 10.5%
IL-13 1.6% 9.7%
IL-15 2.4% 9.9%
IL-17A 2.5% 11.2%
IL-17E/IL-25 1.7% 9.2%
IL-1alpha 3.0% 10.4%
IL-1beta 2.3% 10.0%
IL-1ra 2.1% 10.3%
IL-2 2.2% 9.2%
IL-3 2.5% 10.1%
IL-33 2.4% 12.3%
IL-4 3.2% 9.7%
IL-5 2.2% 12.0%
IL-6 2.6% 9.8%
IL-7 2.5% 9.8%
PDGF-AA 2.8% 15.5%
PDGF-AB/BB 2.4% 12.4%
RANTES 4.7% 17.4%
TGF-alpha 3.0% 9.8%
TNF-alpha 2.2% 8.7%
TRAIL 2.0% 10.3%
VEGF 2.6% 10.3%


Linearity - The data represents mean spiked or natural linearity in serum matrix samples. Samples with natural linearity are marked with an astrisk.

Spike Recovery - The data represents mean percent recovery of spiked standards ranging from low, medium, and high concentration in serum matrix samples.

  Linearity Spiked
Analyte N Average % N Average %

*Natural linearity

B7-H1/PD-L1 4 106% 4 109%
CCL11/Eotaxin 4 92% 4 107%
CCL19/MIP-3beta 4 123% 4 95%
CCL2/MCP-1 4* 82%   High endogenous
CCL20/MIP-3 alpha 4 107% 4 99%
CCL3/MIP-1alpha 4 77% 4 139%
CCL4/MIP-1beta 4 103% 4 111%
CD40 Ligand 4 113% 4 100%
CXCL1/GRO alpha 4 80%   High endogenous
CXCL10/IP-10 3 110%   High endogenous
CXCL2/GRO beta 4* 114% 3 106%
CXCL8/IL-8 4 118% 4 96%
EGF 4* 110% 4 106%
FGF-basic 4 161% 3 80%
Flt-3 ligand 4 102% 4 109%
G-CSF 4 209% 4 43%
GM-CSF 4 96% 4 110%
Granzyme B 4 99% 4 118%
IFN-alpha 3 98% 4 101%
IFN-beta 4 148% 4 69%
IFN-gamma 4 97% 4 112%
IL-10 4 111% 4 104%
IL-12 p70 4 106% 4 108%
IL-13 4 112% 4 103%
IL-15 3 88% 3 89%
IL-17A 4 110% 4 106%
IL-17E/IL-25 4 122% 4 87%
IL-1alpha 4 143% 4 80%
IL-1beta 4 107% 4 99%
IL-1ra 4* 100% 4 145%
IL-2 4 105% 4 102%
IL-3 4 123% 4 88%
IL-33 4 93% 4 110%
IL-4 3 127% 3 77%
IL-5 3 113% 3 81%
IL-6 3 124% 3 90%
IL-7 4 113% 4 96%
PDGF-AA 4* 90%   High endogenous
PDGF-AB/BB 4* 96%   High endogenous
RANTES 4* 96%   High endogenous
TGF-alpha 4 117% 4 96%
TNF-alpha 4 117% 4 69%
TRAIL 3 123% 4 88%
VEGF 4 103% 4 109%
Which Luminex Assay is right for me?

Assays for the Luminex platform are offered as High Performance Assays or Assays. The Luminex High Performance Assays are fully validated panels with a focused selection of analytes. They are available in We Mix, You Mix, and Predetermined formats. The Luminex Assays allows for the maximum number of analytes in a multiplex and is supplied as a premixed kit. View a table comparing the features and benefits of these bead-based multiplex assays.

More Information About Magnetic Bead-based Multiplex Kits For The Luminex® Platform

Magnetic Luminex High Performance Assays are designed for use with the Luminex MAGPIX CCD Imager. Alternatively, kits can be used with the Luminex 100/200™ or FLEXMAP 3D, dual laser, flow-based sorting and detection platforms.

Analyte-specific antibodies are pre-coated onto color-coded microparticles. Microparticles, standards, and samples are pipetted into wells and the immobilized antibodies bind the analytes of interest. After washing away any unbound substances, a biotinylated antibody cocktail specific to the analytes of interest is added to each well. Following a wash to remove any unbound biotinylated antibody, Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin conjugate (Streptavidin-PE), which binds to the biotinylated detection antibodies, is added to each well. A final wash removes unbound Streptavidin-PE and the microparticles are resuspended in buffer and read using the Luminex or Bio-Plex analyzer. One laser is bead-specific and determines which analyte is being detected. A magnet in the analyzer captures and holds the superparaMagnetic microparticles in a monolayer. Two spectrally distinct Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) illuminate the beads. One LED identifies the analyte that is being detected and the second LED determines the magnitude of the PE-derived signal, which is in direct proportion to the amount of analyte bound. Each well is imaged with a CCD camera. Kits can also be used with Luminex 100/200 or a Bio-Rad Bio-Plex dual laser, flow-based systems.

Data Examples

Human XL Cytokine Luminex Panel Standard Curves

Human XL Cytokine Performance Luminex Panel Serum Sample Values Serum samples from 20 apparently healthy individuals were run on the Human XL Cytokine Luminex High Performance Panel and sample values plotted. Minimum and maximum values shown by exterior lines, the box represents the 1st and 3rd quartiles with the center line representing the median.

Product Datasheets

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Human XL Cytokine Magnetic Luminex Performance Assay 45-plex Fixed Panel
By Mike Ehrhardt on 11/24/2020
Sample Tested: Cerebrospinal Fluid

The human XL Cytokine fixed panel performed as expected with low % CV's for all analytes