Immune Checkpoint Blockade Products

The immune checkpoint refers to a range of immunoregulatory pathways that enhance or moderate immune responses. Crucial in the checkpoint process are co-simulatory and co-inhibitory molecules, proteins that show remarkable promise as therapeutic targets for cancer. Some examples include members of the B7, CD28, TIM, CD226 families, and others such as Galectin-9, LAG3, and CD155/PVR. R&D Systems offers a wide range of reagents and kits designed to study the immune checkpoint, including blocking antibodies, proteins, assays, and more. Our experienced custom service team can also save you time by developing reagents to meet your specifications.

LILRA/B Receptors: Next Generation Checkpoint Targets   Interactive illustration: Co-stimulatory/inhibitory Molecules
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Checkpoint-blocking Antibodies

Take advantage of the best and most dependable selection of blocking/neutralizing antibodies on the market.

Antibodies for Immune Checkpoint Expression

Monitor the expression of B7-H1/PD-L1 and other checkpoint molecules with antibodies suitable for IHC, flow cytometry, and Western blot.


Recombinant Immune Checkpoint Proteins

The most extensive selection of checkpoint proteins in the industry. Next generation targets, varied tags, and multiple species, such as Cynomolgus, offer maximum experimental flexibility.

Assays for Functional Assessment of Immune Cells

Explore and validate T cell responses with antibody arrays, Luminex® assays, ELISAs, and more.


Isolate and Phenotype Immune Cells

Identify immune cell populations with our flow cytometry antibodies and kits and isolate them with our cell selection kits.

Custom Development

Recombinant antibody conversion, novel proteins, custom Luminex® panels, chemistry services, and more.