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KCa2 (SK) channel blocker


SERCA ATPase blocker. Also potent BKCa channel blocker

UCL 1684 

Highly potent KCa2 (SK) channel blocker


KCa (BK) channel blocker

NS 8593 hydrochloride 

Selective negative modulator of KCa2 (SK) channels; inhibits SK currents

UCL 2077 

Slow afterhyperpolarization (sAHP) channel blocker; sub-type selective Kv channel effects

TRAM 34 

Potent and highly selective KCa3.1 (IK) channel blocker

Penitrem A 

Potent and selective KCa1.1 (BK) channel blocker

NS 6180 

Potent KCa3.1 (IK) channel blocker

Lei-Dab 7 

High affinity and selective KCa2.2 (SK) blocker

TRAM 39 

Potent KCa3.1 (IK) blocker
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