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Pertussis Toxin 

Catalyzes ADP-ribosylation of Gi, Go and Gt


Inhibitor of βγ signaling


Potent and selective GRK2/3 inhibitor

NF 023 

Selective, competitive P2X1 antagonist


GRK2 inhibitory polypeptide. Gβγ antagonist

ESI 09 

Epac inhibitor


Inhibits Gs and stimulates Gi activity

SCH 202676 hydrobromide 

Inhibitor of ligand binding to G-protein-coupled receptors

[D-Trp7,9,10]-Substance P 

Inhibits M1 ACh receptor activation of Gq/11

G-Protein antagonist peptide 

Inhibits G protein activation by GPCRs

Gue 1654 

Selective inhibitor of OXE-R Gβγ signaling
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