ExactaChIP Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Kits

The chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay has become one of the most useful techniques in the study of gene expression mechanisms, identification of genetic networks, general transcription regulation proteins, and determination of the target genes. This assay determines whether a certain protein-DNA interaction is present at a given location, condition, and time point. Protein-DNA complexes are fixed by formaldehyde crosslinking, the chromatin is sheared by sonication, and the protein of interest is immunoprecipitated, bringing along the protein-bound DNA fragments, which can then be detected by PCR.

Assay Principle

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The ExactaChIP Kit supplies an analyte-specific antibody for the immunoprecipitation of a protein-DNA complex and a positive control PCR primer set for a known DNA sequence recognized by the transcription factor. With the ExactaChIP Kit, a researcher is able to test other DNA regions by employing PCR primers of their own design while using the kit primers as a positive control for the efficacy of the ChIP reaction.

Information gathered from ChIP assays includes:

  • Conditions and treatments that activate the transcription factor of interest
  • Locations of other DNA regions complexed by the transcription factor to provide information about potential gene activation
  • Identifying DNA mutations, deletions, and/or extensions

Kit Contents*

  • Biotinylated analyte-specific antibody
  • Biotinylated host control antibody
  • Primer set for ChIP reaction control
  • Lysis buffer
  • Dilution buffer
  • Wash buffers
  • Chelating resin solution
*Kit contents may vary. For a complete list of the kit contents and necessary materials, please see the Materials Provided/Materials Required sections of the individual product inserts.