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Muscarinic receptors are G protein-coupled receptors that mediate the response to acetylcholine released from parasympathetic nerves. Their role in the unconscious regulation of organ and central nervous system function makes them potential therapeutic targets for a broad spectrum of diseases.

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(S)-(+)-Dimethindene maleate 

M2-selective antagonist

AF-DX 116 

Selective M2 antagonist

Human CHRM2 Antibody 


Arecaidine propargyl ester tosylate 

Muscarinic agonist

Nitrocaramiphen hydrochloride 

Muscarinic antagonist, M1 > M2

AF-DX 384 

Potent M2/M4 antagonist

AQ-RA 741 

High affinity and selective M2 antagonist
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