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Biologic responses to ATP, ADP, and other extracellular nucleotides are mediated by P2-nucleotide receptors belonging to 2 major classes: G protein-coupled P2Y receptors and nucleotide-gated ion channel P2X receptors.

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BzATP triethylammonium salt

Photoaffinity label for ATPase; also P2X7 agonist and P2X1/P2Y1 partial agonist

NF 023

Selective, competitive P2X1 antagonist

NF 279

Potent and selective P2X1 antagonist

NF 449

Highly selective P2X1 antagonist

NF 157

Selective P2Y11/P2X1 antagonist

MRS 2219

Potentiates P2X1-mediated responses


Potent, selective P2X1 antagonist

Ro 0437626

Selective P2X1 antagonist
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