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Eeyarestatin I 

Potent inhibitor of ER-associated protein degradation and translocation

Brefeldin A 

Disrupts protein translocation to Golgi


Binds SV2A; antiepileptic


Inhibits Golgi-ER traffic; blocks exocytosis

Leptomycin B 

Inhibits nuclear export of proteins; antitumor


Selective and reversible p97 ATPase inhibitor

ML 240 

ATP-competitive inhibitor of p97 ATPase

FLI 06 

Inhibitor of Notch signaling; disrupts Notch trafficking and processing

Golgicide A 

Potent, selective and reversible inhibitor of GBF1 ArfGEF

WL 47 - dimer 

High affinity caveolin-1 ligand
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