Human TNF-alpha Quantikine HS ELISA

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  • Assay Length
    6.5 hours
  • Sample Type & Volume Required Per Well
    Serum (200 uL), EDTA Plasma (200 uL), Heparin Plasma (200 uL), Citrate Plasma (200 uL)
  • Sensitivity
    0.191 pg/mL
  • Assay Range
    0.5 - 32 pg/mL (Serum, EDTA Plasma, Heparin Plasma, Citrate Plasma)
  • Specificity
    Natural and recombinant human TNF-alpha
  • Cross-reactivity
    < 0.5% cross-reactivity observed with available related molecules.< 50% cross-species reactivity observed with species tested.
  • Interference
    No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
Control Available
Product Summary
The Quantikine HS Human TNF-alpha Immunoassay is a 6.5 hour solid phase ELISA designed to measure TNF-alpha in serum and plasma. It contains E. coli-derived recombinant human TNF-alpha and antibodies raised against the recombinant factor. It has been shown to accurately quantitate recombinant human TNF-alpha. Results obtained with naturally occurring TNF-alpha samples showed linear curves that were parallel to the standard curves obtained using the recombinant kit standards. These results indicate that this kit can be used to determine relative mass values for natural TNF-alpha. Since the measurement of TNF-alpha is insensitive to the addition of recombinant forms of either of the two types of soluble receptors, it is probable that this measurement detects the total amount of TNF-alpha in samples, i.e., the total amount of free TNF-alpha plus the amount of TNF-alpha bound to soluble receptors.

Intra-Assay Precision (Precision within an assay) Three samples of known concentration were tested on one plate to assess intra-assay precision.
Inter-Assay Precision (Precision between assays) Three samples of known concentration were tested in separate assays to assess inter-assay precision.
Serum, EDTA Plasma, Heparin Plasma, Citrate Plasma
Intra-Assay Precision Inter-Assay Precision
Standard Deviation0.170.490.680.190.761.5


The recovery of TNF-alpha was determined by spiking to three different levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices.

Sample Type Average % Recovery Range %
Citrate Plasma (n=4) 95 88-105
EDTA Plasma (n=4) 99 92-111
Heparin Plasma (n=4) 93 87-103
Serum (n=4) 93 85-98
To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of TNF-alpha and diluted with Calibrator Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
Human TNF-alpha Quantikine HS ELISA
Preparation and Storage
  • Storage
    Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.
Background: TNF-alpha

Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), also known as cachectin and TNFSF2, is the prototypic ligand of the TNF superfamily. It is a pleiotropic molecule that plays a central role in inflammation, apoptosis, and immune system development. TNF-α is produced by a wide variety of immune and epithelial cell types. Human TNF-α consists of a 35 amino acid (aa) cytoplasmic domain, a 21 aa transmembrane segment, and a 177 aa extracellular domain (ECD). Within the ECD, human TNF-α shares 97% aa sequence identity with rhesus and 71% - 92% with bovine, canine, cotton rat, equine, feline, mouse, porcine, and rat TNF-α. The 26 kDa type 2 transmembrane protein is assembled intracellularly to form a noncovalently linked homotrimer. Ligation of this complex induces reverse signaling that promotes lymphocyte costimulation but diminishes monocyte responsiveness.

Cleavage of membrane bound TNF-α by TACE/ADAM17 releases a 55 kDa soluble trimeric form of TNF-α. TNF-α trimers bind the ubiquitous TNF RI and the hematopoietic cell-restricted TNF RII, both of which are also expressed as homotrimers. TNF-α regulates lymphoid tissue development through control of apoptosis. It also promotes inflammatory responses by inducing the activation of vascular endothelial cells and macrophages. TNF-α is a key cytokine in the development of several inflammatory disorders. It contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes through its effects on insulin resistance and fatty acid metabolism.

    • Long Name
      Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha
    • Entrez Gene IDs
      7124 (Human); 21926 (Mouse); 24835 (Rat); 397086 (Porcine); 280943 (Bovine); 403922 (Canine); 100033834 (Equine); 493755 (Feline); 100009088 (Rabbit);
    • Alternate Names
      APC1 protein; Cachectin; Cachetin; DIF; TNF; TNF, monocyte-derived; tnfa; tnf-a; TNFalpha; TNF-alphacachectin; TNFATNF, macrophage-derived; TNFSF1A; TNFSF2; TNFSF2TNF superfamily, member 2; tumor necrosis factor (TNF superfamily, member 2); tumor necrosis factor alpha; Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 2; tumor necrosis factor; tumor necrosis factor-alpha;
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    Assay Procedure
    Refer to the product for complete assay procedure.

    Bring all reagents and samples to room temperature before use. It is recommended that all samples, standards, and controls be assayed in duplicate.
    1.   Prepare all reagents, standard dilutions, and samples as directed in the product insert.
    2.   Remove excess microplate strips from the plate frame, return them to the foil pouch containing the desiccant pack, and reseal.

    3. 50 µL Assay Diluent
    4.   Add 50 µL of Assay Diluent to each well.

    5. 200 µL Standard, Control, or Sample
    6.   Add 200 µL of Standard, Control, or sample to each well. Cover with a plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 3 hours.
    7.   Aspirate each well and wash, repeating the process 5 times for a total of 6 washes.

    8. 200 µL Conjugate
    9.   Add 200 µL of Conjugate to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 2 hours.
    10.   Aspirate and wash 6 times.

    11. 50 µL Substrate Solution
    12.   Add 50 µL Substrate Solution to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 1 hour. Do not wash the plate.

    13. 50 µL Amplifier Solution
    14.   Add 50 µL Amplifier Solution to each well. Cover with a new plate sealer, and incubate at room temperature for 30 minutes.

    15. 50 µL Stop Solution
    16. Add 50 µL of Stop Solution to each well. Read at 490 nm within 30 minutes. Set wavelength correction to 650 nm or 690 nm.

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    1. Effects of nateglinide and rosiglitazone on pancreatic alpha- and beta-cells, GLP-1 secretion and inflammatory markers in patients with type 2 diabetes: randomized crossover clinical study.
      Authors: Tostes G, Cunha M, Fukui R, Correia M, Rocha D, Dos Santos R, da Silva M
      Diabetol Metab Syndr, 2016;8(0):1.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    2. Interleukin-6 Is a Risk Factor for Atrial Fibrillation in Chronic Kidney Disease: Findings from the CRIC Study.
      Authors: Amdur R, Mukherjee M, Go A, Barrows I, Ramezani A, Shoji J, Reilly M, Gnanaraj J, Deo R, Roas S, Keane M, Master S, Teal V, Soliman E, Yang P, Feldman H, Kusek J, Tracy C, Raj D
      PLoS ONE, 2016;11(2):e0148189.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    3. Local TNF causes NFATc1-dependent cholesterol-mediated podocyte injury
      J Clin Invest, 2016;0(0):.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    4. A randomized, placebo controlled trial of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of young children with autism.
      Authors: Mankad D, Dupuis A, Smile S, Roberts W, Brian J, Lui T, Genore L, Zaghloul D, Iaboni A, Marcon P, Anagnostou E
      Mol Autism, 2015;6(0):18.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    5. Differential Patterns and Determinants of Cardiac Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction during Endotoxemia and Oral Fat Load in Humans.
      Authors: Ziegler D, Strom A, Strassburger K, Nowotny B, Zahiragic L, Nowotny P, Carstensen-Kirberg M, Herder C, Szendroedi J, Roden M
      PLoS ONE, 2015;10(4):e0124242.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    6. Plasma TNF-alpha and Soluble TNF Receptor Levels after Doxorubicin with or without Co-Administration of Mesna-A Randomized, Cross-Over Clinical Study.
      Authors: Hayslip J, Dressler E, Weiss H, Taylor T, Chambers M, Noel T, Miriyala S, Keeney J, Ren X, Sultana R, Vore M, Butterfield D, St Clair D, Moscow J
      PLoS ONE, 2015;10(4):e0124988.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    7. Association of Sarcopenic Obesity with Higher Serum High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Levels in Chinese Older Males--A Community-Based Study (Taichung Community Health Study-Elderly, TCHS-E).
      Authors: Yang C, Li C, Li T, Liu C, Lin C, Lin W, Lin C
      PLoS ONE, 2015;10(7):e0132908.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    8. Effects of Acute Endurance Exercise Performed in the Morning and Evening on Inflammatory Cytokine and Metabolic Hormone Responses.
      Authors: Kim H, Konishi M, Takahashi M, Tabata H, Endo N, Numao S, Lee S, Kim Y, Suzuki K, Sakamoto S
      PLoS ONE, 2015;10(9):e0137567.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    9. Disturbances in Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis and Immunological Activity Differentiating between Unipolar and Bipolar Depressive Episodes.
      Authors: Becking K, Spijker A, Hoencamp E, Penninx B, Schoevers R, Boschloo L
      PLoS ONE, 2015;10(7):e0133898.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    10. Effects of pentoxifylline on proteinuria and glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes: a prospective randomized double-blind multicenter study.
      Authors: Han S, Kim H, Kim D, Sheen S, Chung C, Ahn C, Kim S, Cho Y, Park S, Kim S, Kim C, Kim K, Lee K
      Diabetol Metab Syndr, 2015;7(0):64.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    11. Sclerostin, TNF-alpha and Interleukin-18 Correlate and are Together with Klotho Related to Other Growth Factors and Cytokines in Haemodialysis Patients.
      Authors: Almroth G, Lonn J, Uhlin F, Brudin L, Andersson B, Hahn-Zoric M
      Scand J Immunol, 2015;83(1):58-63.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    12. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha confers cardioprotection through ectopic expression of keratins K8 and K18.
      Authors: Papathanasiou S, Rickelt S, Soriano M, Schips T, Maier H, Davos C, Varela A, Kaklamanis L, Mann D, Capetanaki Y
      Nat Med, 2015;21(9):1076-84.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    13. Zinc supplementation improves anticancer activity of monocytes in type-2 diabetic patients with metabolic syndrome.
      Authors: Meksawan K, Sermsri U, Chanvorachote P
      Anticancer Res, 2014;34(1):295-9.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    14. The protective effect of esculentoside a on experimental acute liver injury in mice.
      Authors: Zhang F, Wang X, Qiu X, Wang J, Fang H, Wang Z, Sun Y, Xia Z
      PLoS ONE, 2014;9(11):e113107.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: cell culture supernate
    15. Compartment differences of inflammatory activity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
      Authors: Ji J, von Scheele I, Bergstrom J, Billing B, Dahlen B, Lantz A, Larsson K, Palmberg L
      Respir Res, 2014;15(0):104.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    16. Association between traffic-related air pollution, subclinical inflammation and impaired glucose metabolism: results from the SALIA study.
      Authors: Teichert T, Vossoughi M, Vierkotter A, Sugiri D, Schikowski T, Schulte T, Roden M, Luckhaus C, Herder C, Kramer U
      PLoS ONE, 2013;8(12):e83042.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    17. Multiplexing immunoassays for cytokine detection in the serum of patients with rheumatoid arthritis: lack of sensitivity and interference by rheumatoid factor.
      Authors: Churchman SM, Geiler J, Parmar R, Horner EA, Church LD, Emery P, Buch MH, McDermott MF, Ponchel F
      Clin. Exp. Rheumatol., 2012;30(4):534-42.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    18. Adipocytokine levels mark endothelial function in normotensive individuals.
      Authors: Solini A, Stea F, Santini E, Bruno R, Duranti E, Taddei S, Ghiadoni L
      Cardiovasc Diabetol, 2012;11(0):103.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    19. Fractalkine is an independent predictor of mortality in patients with advanced heart failure.
      Thromb Haemost, 2012;108(6):1220-7.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    20. A randomized trial of recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor for patients with acute lung injury.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: BALF
    21. Engulfment of hematopoietic stem cells caused by down-regulation of CD47 is critical in the pathogenesis of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
      Authors: Kuriyama T, Takenaka K, Kohno K, Yamauchi T, Daitoku S, Yoshimoto G, Kikushige Y, Kishimoto J, Abe Y, Harada N, Miyamoto T, Iwasaki H, Teshima T, Akashi K
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    22. Mechanisms inducing low bone density in duchenne muscular dystrophy in mice and humans.
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      Sample Type: Serum
    23. Effects of dietary fat modification on insulin sensitivity and on other risk factors of the metabolic syndrome-LIPGENE: a European randomized dietary intervention study.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    24. Time-course of changes in inflammatory response after whole-body cryotherapy multi exposures following severe exercise.
      Authors: Pournot H, Bieuzen F, Louis J, Fillard JR, Barbiche E, Hausswirth C
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    25. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease as the transducer of hepatic oversecretion of very-low-density lipoprotein-apolipoprotein B-100 in obesity.
      Authors: Chan DC, Watts GF, Gan S
      Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol., 2010;30(5):1043-50.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    26. Procalcitonin as an early marker of bacterial infection in neutropenic febrile children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
      Authors: Hatzistilianou M, Rekliti A, Athanassiadou F, Catriu D
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    27. Differential adaptation of human gut microbiota to bariatric surgery-induced weight loss: links with metabolic and low-grade inflammation markers.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    28. B7-h3 augments the inflammatory response and is associated with human sepsis.
      Authors: Zhang G, Wang J, Kelly J
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    29. Sensitive plasma protein analysis by microparticle-based proximity ligation assays.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    30. Prehospital resuscitation with hypertonic saline-dextran modulates inflammatory, coagulation and endothelial activation marker profiles in severe traumatic brain injured patients.
      Authors: Rhind SG, Crnko NT, Baker AJ
      J Neuroinflammation, 2010;7(0):5.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    31. Changes in cytokine levels during acute hyperinsulinemia in offspring of type 2 diabetic subjects.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    32. SIRT1 mRNA expression may be associated with energy expenditure and insulin sensitivity.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
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    35. Intervention of an inflammation amplifier, triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 1, for treatment of autoimmune arthritis.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    36. Age-dependent mobilization of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in infants and young children undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    37. Characteristics of dengue virus-infected peripheral blood mononuclear cell death that correlates with the severity of illness.
      Authors: Jaiyen Y, Masrinoul P, Kalayanarooj S, Pulmanausahakul R, Ubol S
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    38. Interleukin-6 is a significant predictor of radiographic knee osteoarthritis: The Chingford Study.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    39. Adiposity and gingival crevicular fluid tumour necrosis factor-alpha levels in children.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF)
    40. Resistin, adiponectin, and risk of heart failure the Framingham offspring study.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    41. Acetaldehyde stimulates monocyte adhesion in a P-selectin- and TNFalpha-dependent manner.
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      Atherosclerosis, 2009;204(2):372-80.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates
    42. Urinary proinflammatory cytokine response in renal transplant recipients with polyomavirus BK viruria.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Urine
    43. The proinflammatory environment in potential heart and lung donors: prevalence and impact of donor management and hormonal therapy.
      Authors: Venkateswaran RV, Dronavalli V, Lambert PA, Steeds RP, Wilson IC, Thompson RD, Mascaro JG, Bonser RS
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    44. Interleukin-18 is a strong predictor of cardiovascular events in elderly men with the metabolic syndrome: synergistic effect of inflammation and hyperglycemia.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    46. Serum CXCL13 positively correlates with prostatic disease, prostate-specific antigen and mediates prostate cancer cell invasion, integrin clustering and cell adhesion.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    47. In vivo transmigrated monocytes from patients with stable coronary artery disease have a reduced expression of CD11b.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    48. Low-dose acetylsalicylic acid inhibits the secretion of interleukin-6 from white adipose tissue.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    49. Identification of interleukin-7 as a candidate disease mediator in spondylarthritis.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Synovial Fluid
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    52. Effects of atorvastatin added to inhaled corticosteroids on lung function and sputum cell counts in atopic asthma.
      Authors: Hothersall EJ, Chaudhuri R, McSharry C, Donnelly I, Lafferty J, McMahon AD, Weir CJ, Meiklejohn J, Sattar N, McInnes I, Wood S, Thomson NC
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    53. Neutropenia in 6 ethnic groups from the Caribbean and the U.S.
      Authors: Grann VR, Bowman N, Joseph C, Wei Y, Horwitz MS, Jacobson JS, Santella RP, Hershman DL
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    54. Self-esteem levels and cardiovascular and inflammatory responses to acute stress.
      Authors: O'Donnell K, Brydon L, Wright CE, Steptoe A
      Brain Behav. Immun., 2008;0(0):.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    55. Comparing Type D personality and older age as correlates of tumor necrosis factor-alpha dysregulation in chronic heart failure.
      Authors: Denollet J, Vrints CJ, Conraads VM
      Brain Behav. Immun., 2008;22(5):736-43.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    56. Effects of rehabilitative exercise on peripheral muscle TNFalpha, IL-6, IGF-I and MyoD expression in patients with COPD.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
    57. Co-occurrence of IgA antibodies against ethanol metabolites and tissue transglutaminase in alcohol consumers: correlation with proinflammatory cytokines and markers of fibrogenesis.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    58. The activity of N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase and tumor necrosis factor-alpha at early stage of diabetic retinopathy development in type 1 diabetes mellitus children.
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      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Serum
    59. Cerebrospinal fluid IL-6, HSP72, and TNF-alpha in exercising humans.
      Authors: Steensberg A, Dalsgaard MK, Secher NH, Pedersen BK
      Brain Behav. Immun., 2006;20(6):585-9.
      Species: Human
      Sample Type: Plasma
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